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It's safe to say that my blogging has been a little... SLOW.
I'm still working on Beckam's birth story, and he is over 4 months old.
Regardless of how behind I am, I'm still at it.
I love to have a place to share pictures and stories of my little family.

On that note, I'm sharing our trip to Yellowstone that we took a few weeks ago. :)

We borrowed my in-laws motor home, aka the mo-ho.
Our first stop was Bear World. 
To say that Brody was excited, would certainly be an understatement. 

We decided to take the curator tour around the loop since they provided food and let you feed the animals.

Brody kept a good grip on Beckam's hand as we drove.

These bears are loco. They catch bread in their mouths like dogs...

and stand on their rear legs like people.

Brody was the best bear feeder ever.
We had to tell him that if he saw any bears outside of Bear World, 
NOT to feed them.

Not only did Bear World have a lot of animals,
it also had a few fun rides.
This was by far Brody's favorite part.
We rode the same 5 rides over and over and over again.

Next we headed off to Yellowstone.
This was my first time there.
And it is amazingly beautiful.

We roasted a lot of marshmallows.

Learned how to blow out fire correctly.

Saw a lot of wild animals.
{You always know when an animal has been sited because there is suddenly a 
massive line up of cars, and people of all ethnicities hopping out of their cars with their visors, fanny packs and cameras.}

Ate a lot of smores.

Played in a lot of dirt.
{The tractors had to go camping too.}

And spent good quality time with our babies.

Old Faithful.

Ryan was determined to catch a fish.
We tried in multiple areas.
The camp host at our last sight told us that some fellow campers had brought her a large bag of fish from the creek nearby. 
We decided to wake up very early on our last morning to catch our "bag fulls of fish."

Brody threw rocks.

Beckam and I watched.

We posed in the glorious morning light...

and posed some more, and caught ZERO fish.

Right after the above pictures were taken, we headed back to camp.
This area had a nice creek, was full of berries and had a lot of greenery...
aka, perfect for bears!
Ryan had told be the night before, that the first thing we should do if we see a bear is start filming.
Not exactly sure why... perhaps to film a bear attack and throw it on youtube to go viral.
No clue.
It sounded fun and all until I actually saw a bear!
It was about 20 feet away, which felt like 2.
Ryan was in front of me walking along the trail.
I calmly told him that he needed to walk a little bit faster. 
He wanted to turn around and start filming,
but apparently my very firm "protect my family before they get devoured by a bear" voice prevailed.
We survived. Obviously.
Looking back, I'm pretty sure that black bear wanted nothing to do with us. 

That was a fun little last adventure on our trip, and then it was time to head out...

Our travel accommodations.

One selfie - looking very campified.

If you haven't been to Yellowstone, 
you should.
And if you see a wild bear, remember to start filming.



{we tried}

A couple of weeks ago we tried to do a little family photo shoot.
Out of the hundreds of pictures taken...
these are the six that "turned out".



{beckam - four months}

Baby Beckam. 
How is it you are already four months old!? 

 Your little personality is really starting to shine. 
 You are SO happy and smiley. 
 And squealy! 
Your bright eyes make my heart melt. 
And those lashes... oi.

 Your pacifier skills are really shining bright. 
 You can pull it out to "talk" and then stick it right back in. 

 You are still a rock star at nap/bed time. 
 You also have a new preferred style of sleeping. 
 It involves a blanket over your face. 
 The first time I saw this on your baby monitor, I freaked out, ran in there, and ripped it off your face.
 Then as I watched you proceed to pull your swaddle blanket back over your head, I realized you loved it. 
 You look like a mummy baby, and it's weird, but I still love you. 

 I'm willing to put bets on the fact that you are going to be a hairy man. 
 I have nothing to base this on, except for the fact that your eyebrows are big and dark. 
 They look like mine when I was in high school... thank goodness for laser hair removal. 
 It just so happens that these eyebrows of yours are quite cute on you. 

 Recently you have become a professional toy connoisseur. 
You, like your brother, are a big fan of tractors. 
 You enjoy them mostly in your mouth. 
 Another big fav is Sophie the giraffe. 
 I'm pretty sure you try to shove her entire body in your mouth on a daily basis. 
 You also have some decent convo's with her when you aren't biting her leg off. 

 Instead of being terrified when Brody comes close, you now want him to come and play with you. 
I catch you staring at him, just waiting for him to give you eye contact so you can let out a big squeal of delight. 
It's a good thing he's equally in love with you. 
He showers you in toys to play with and informs someone when you need your "night night." 
He's got your back. 

 Likes: boobs, baths, Brody, your feet, peekaboo. 

 Dislikes: riding in your carseat when you're not tired. 

 I am so in love with you little man. 
 And those chunky thighs... I want to eat them. 

 Love you, snuggle bug. 
 Can't wait to see what you accomplish this next month.



{GIVEAWAY - stella & dot}

I'm a big fan of giveaways.
Especially when they involve a killa' stylist and an awesome company/products.
Also, when that killa' stylist just so happens to be a good friend from high school...
even better.

Molly and I go way back.
Like, awkward teenage years, back.
I have a gazillion pictures, but unfortunately for you, they are in photo albums at my parents house.
Just imagine me, very skinny, with really large eyebrows.
Real special.

Among many other things, Molly and I were in a group that took a history tour 
to Greece in 2001.
It was basically one of the coolest things I've done...
well, other than creating a rap song with Molly about our hotel room number on the trip.
That was extra cool.
112 baby!

Anyways, my sweet friend Molly contacted me recently to do a $50 Stella & Dot giveaway.
I obviously said YES!
I'm pretty much in love with their stuff.
Here are just a few of my current favs:

Super cute, right!?
Some statement pieces and some to wear everyday.
They've got it all.
You can check out the site HERE to find even more adorable jewelry and accessories.
No, seriously, go and check it out

The majority of their fall collection came behind the inspiration of bold color (peacock tones, unique prints, neons), versatility (so many of our pieces can be worn multiple ways) and texture (the way the design team creates different textures from stones to chains to clasps is unique in the industry). 

Now it's time to win some money so you can buy some of this fab stuff.
Go ahead and get entered into the giveaway below.
The giveaway will run for a week.
Good luck!!



{beckam ~ three months}

Three months old!
How the heck did that happen!?

You are the sweetest little babe a mommy could ask for.
Your huge open mouth smiles and new found giggles are so contagious.
Those big blue eyes and long brown eyelashes are almost too much for me to handle.

Lately you have been a little bit obsessed with your hand... in your mouth.
Literally, you try to stick your entire fist in your mouth, 
it is really impressive.

You think my crazy dancing and singing are hilarious.
But really, let's get real, who wouldn't? 
Mama's got moves!

That excited high pitched squeal of yours is adorable... for now.
I hope when you are 13 you aren't still doing it.
But if you are, I'll still love you to pieces.

You are so laid back, and really just go with the flow.

Your fierce arm and leg kicks are pretty wild.
Sometimes I feel like you are an older child trapped in a little baby body.
I mean it sounds like you are even saying real words sometimes with all of your jabbering.
Your daddy and I like to think that you full of very sarcastic remarks,
and translate what we think you are trying to say.
If our translating is correct, you're pretty funny.

There are a couple of things that you could work on, however...
First, your drooling. I mean, seriously, you are the biggest drool monster I know.
It's getting slightly out of control.
Second, self mutilation. It's not becoming.
When I go to pick you up out of your crib and see teeny tiny scratches all over your forehead caused by the fingernails that I cut 21 hours before... it's gotta stop.

You are one LOVED little boy.
Your big brother is pretty obsessed with you. 
I think you are starting to love him too, because now when he comes close, instead of shuddering, you actually smile!

It just so happens that you are the best at falling asleep.
THE. Best.
But, seriously... what's a mommy gotta do to get a full night of sleep around here?!
More dancing? More funny faces?
You name it, it's yours.

Some of your loves: baths, milk, and bosoms, 

A few of your dislikes: tummy time and being held like a baby.

Nicknames: buddy, honey, pumpkin, Mr. Baby, little guy, little fella & nice little baby {created by Brody}, sugar, sugar pie, muffin, bear, monkey bum, bobble head, love bug...

Love you precious boy!
Can't wait to see what new things you learn this next month.

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