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{five things}

First and foremost, this little guy turned three months old yesterday.
{insert expletive}
Not quite sure where the last three months went, but all I know is now I have this cute, chubby, chatty and smiley little babe to cuddle.
Here is a little teaser of a photo shoot I did with him... there are a whole lot more to come.

{taken at the lovely Farmer and the Bell's house}

I like to think I am supermom on occasion.
For example, if I take a trip to go grocery shopping and both of my boys are pleasant and happy the whole time... supermom status.
Well, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself nearing the end of a shopping trip at Wal-Mart.
Those feelings were quickly dashed when I had unloaded my whole cart, and went to get my wallet out... which was sitting in a nice safe place at HOME.
This might not seem like a big deal if I could have run home to get my wallet - but us country folk live a good half hour away from the prestigious Wal-Mart.
Just the thought of having to load, unload, load and unload the boys to go and get money and then come back to retrieve our groceries, might have made me shed a tear or two.
Brody was very confused and maybe a little bit concerned as we left our cart full of goodies...
cute little guy was mostly concerned about the flowers that he had picked out for me though.
Luckily the people at the bank know who I am, so I was able to withdrawal some moola.
Here is a little video of Brody explaining a bit of the experience.

Apparantly I said, "UGH!"

Our garden is barfing vegetables!
See for yourself.

So many zucchini and cucumbers.
We also have a whole lot of jalapenos, mint, cherry tomatoes, carrots, beets, and green beans... but I can at least keep up with those.

I've started walking.

I hit a plateau with loosing baby weight, so I figured I needed to do something.
Is it pathetic that my legs are sore from walking?
Yes, I thought so.

The hubby is nearing a little free time in his schedule.
It's a modern miracle really.
We'd like to take a couple of days to do something...
Any suggestions?

 Have a terrific weekend homies!



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  2. I think a trip to N Cal would be a fun way to fill your time...

  3. yo. i tagged you in my post for no other reason than i want you to blog more. understand. you're funny. you owe it to us as readers. now do it.

  4. I just came across your blog and so far love what I'm reading!!! That first picture is so precious!!!

    follow along with me (Alycia) at mitchalycia.blogspot.ca


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