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{when did he grow up?}

I can hardly believe what a big boy Brody is.
I was joking around and holding him like a baby yesterday, 
and his long legs just dangled from my grasp.

He speaks perfectly wonderful sentences,
and I am constantly surprised by what comes out of his mouth.

His love for his baby brother is the most precious thing I've seen...
even when he is jealous about not having me 100% to himself,
he is never upset at Beckam, and still wants to "carry" and kiss him.

He is just about completely potty trained... only wearing diapers at sleep time, just in case.
This makes me VERY excited.

This little farmer is straight up obsessed with tractors.
It's safe to say he knows more about farming than I do now.

Those freckles... and eyelashes are almost too much for me to handle. 

I'm not exactly sure when he "grew up", 
but I'd appreciate it if time slowed down now.


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