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{country girls}

Well, well, well... do I have a treat for you all today. 
Jenn from The South Dakota Cowgirl is here to share a bit about her life in the country.
Miss Jenn and I have quite a lot in common....
Country living and a love for photography! 
Basically, we're pretty rad.
Yes, I said, "rad". As in "radical". Let's bring it back peeps.

Without further ado... 


#hashtag addiction

Hey y’all, my name’s Jenn. I live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere South Dakota with a very handsome cowboy, his kids, and family. There's cows, horses, a donkey, some random goats, barn cats (that I am known to let inside) and I have some fancy chickens. We reside on about 8000 acres of what is often belly-deep, rich green grass - and our closest neighbor is 2.5 miles away. It’s gorgeous here. I’m kind of living my dream life - I have wanted to be a cowgirl since I was a little girl, and I’m living proof that dreams do come true! This is me:

I don’t leave the ranch often (because I’m a 20 mile round trip from my mailbox and 75 miles one-way to the Wal-Marts), and as such, I may or may not have developed a Facebook and/or Twitter hashtag addiction. I need #social interaction. I think.

The fact that I have internet, two fancy #Mac Computers and don’t have to leave home is pretty much a #firstworldproblem. I also rarely fix my hair. #whitegirlproblems That’s what #cowboy hats are for.

I am #blessed. Also, I may or may not have originated from the state known as #Oklahoma, and spent the majority of my life in the #lonestarstate, with a little foray into the #landofenchantment (That’d be New Mexico for those of you who’re unaware). Around here, I’m made fun of for my accent. But South Dakotans aren’t without their “accents” either. #shutit #donthate #dontjudge #blessyourheart

What does one do on a #ranch in #southdakota? Well, they move cows, make 4 am calving checks, pull calves, get chased down by mad mama cows, put out bulls, ride horses, start colts, and fix fence. It’s called #ranchlife y’all. If you’re me, there’s also a pretty good chance you write for the local newspaper, as well as a magazine, take #beautiful photos and share your #blessed life with the rest of the world. I picked up my first DSLR camera in 2008 and now I get to use #photography in my tweets and Facebook posts, pretty much daily. I’m internationally published, have had a couple magazine covers, several spreads in magazines, as well as a couple online #photospreads in South Dakota Magazine. My photos can also be seen in the Capture Dakota Book. And I sell them. People ask me that all the time. I thought I'd #nipthatinthebud right now.

Here's a few of the "pretty" photos for you:

IMG_9527 v3

IMG_9377 - Version 2


IMG_9258 v3

Mama, I love you!

Blue skies, golden grass and a gravel road

Most of the time I blog about the #pretty side of life. Pretty #brangus cows, #mightymo (The Missouri River that backs up to the ranch), the #horses, #horsemanship, #dogs, and of course I share #food and #cooking recipes with you as well. But, today I’m going to share the dark side of #ranchlife: my MESSY office. #fail #ineedtwoofme #whycantihaveanassistant and my favorite, #ineedabiggerhouse which is, yet again, a #firstworldproblem. When you live where you work, and you only have about 5 months of the year with awesome weather, then summers are spent outside being a #moverandshaker getting stuff done and NOT inside, well, cleaning. So, I'm in and out just long enough to really wreck the place. #raiseyourhandifyouareinthesameboat

I actually attempted to take photos of this office a couple days ago but my good #camera decided it would no longer turn on. Which brought on a major #freakout on my part. I changed the battery, turned it on and off and sweet talked it. She is only 2.5 years old - though I do carry her through the #brandingpen, #horseback and through the #snow. I tried to file an online repair ticket with #canon since I’m a Canon Professional but they said, “we’re sorry, we no longer work on this camera model”. Which lead to #tears and #crying and more #freakingout. Which, by the way, does no good. So, I composed myself and decided I would call customer service. They assured me that they do work on my camera model, a #canon7d, and told me to send it in anyway. I hope there was just a #glitch with their online system. In which case that’s also a #majorfail. And if they no longer service that particular model of camera well, I’ll just have to #smh and move on. But, I’ve digressed. I had to break down and order a new camera. I wanted the Canon 5D Mark III but I wasn’t sure I could justify the rather large price tag, so I opted for a model better than mine, but not as great as the 5D- a #canon6D. When it arrived at the house the #cowboy said to me, did you order the really fancy one? I told him I didn’t and he said what are you, #foolish? I said, well we’ve a house to build, a saddle payment coming due and I just figured I had enough income coming in to pay for this one since I got 6 mos #nointerest #financing. He told me if I wanted the fancier one to exchange it. #hessogoodtome #iamblessed Which is good because this one doesn’t have a White Balance button. Oh, what’s that? I bored you with a camera detail? Sorry. #mybad Back to the office. I mean we all want to see the mess, right? But before that, how about a photo of the disastrous kitchen table? I do my best to keep it cleaned off, but on a daily basis, there's random stuff on it. The cowboy isn't the best at going through his mail. #canigetanamen


And that bar behind the table, it has weaning rings on it from last fall. They were in the calves noses and everything! #ifyouliveonaranchyoucantgetgrossedouteasily I've asked where they could be relocated and never get an answer. #shrugshoulders #iwillneverhaveastagedhome But back to the office. It's a wonder I can get any work done, or find anything for that matter.

This room is 9 x10. It requires wine to work in here.


There's a random smattering of stuff - photo props, a guitar, receipt books, and plenty of dirt on the floor, trust me.



Why yes, those are napkins on that chair. Why? Well, I had no other place to put them. #iamnotkidding  
 Those bags on the floor, those are from my trip to Kentucky that I took in MAY! I am not even unpacked from that trip yet. What is wrong with me?


  I don't recall how this tea towel ended up in the chair:


A random purse in a box. #nice


How do I get anything done on this desk?


And to use the drafting table, well don't even think about that! There's cattle registration papers, horse registration papers, bride folders, lenses, filters, photos, a paper cutter - that has no other place to be stored - because the closet in this room is smaller than a postage stamp and, and, and...


I'm actually going to get around to cleaning it one of these days (maybe during a rainy day this fall or a blizzard day this winter, or before that if I get to a place where I can't function - I'm almost there) and I'll post after photos, I promise. In the meantime, I'm super glad that you've stuck with me to the end of this post and if you want to see more pretty and less mess, be sure to come hang out with me. I promise #iwontgrossyouout with the gory details of #ranchlife, but I may tell a sad story once in a while. #pleaseforgivemeforbeinglongwinded And, if you want "pretty" to start your day, you'll need to join me on Facebook. If you want positive, funny, updates from my day, Twitter's the place to be

Happy Trails!

Rad, right?
Don't forget to go over and check out her blog!
You won't regret it.

Peace out lovelies!



{beckam - two months old}

I can hardly believe that Beckam is two months old today.
He is such an amazing addition to our little family, and we love him to pieces!

Here is my precious little babe...

 I hope you all have a fabulous week!

We are road trippin' to Cali at the end of the week with both boys for my brotha's wedding.
Wish us luck! :)



{my little cowboy}

Last night we went to the Snake River Stampede. 
It is a local{ish} rodeo that we try to go to every year.
Brody's enthusiasm for the "show" was quadrupled from last year...
and it was maybe more fun to watch him than the actual rodeo.
Towards the end he kept saying to me, "Mommy, my ride that bull?"
Maybe we'll start him out on a sheep first.

I obviously had dress up my little farmer as a little cowboy.
The shirt and hat I got for him last year still fit, which meant photoshoot numero dos for this outfit!

Baby Beckam had to get in on the mix too...

Love my little men!



{when did he grow up?}

I can hardly believe what a big boy Brody is.
I was joking around and holding him like a baby yesterday, 
and his long legs just dangled from my grasp.

He speaks perfectly wonderful sentences,
and I am constantly surprised by what comes out of his mouth.

His love for his baby brother is the most precious thing I've seen...
even when he is jealous about not having me 100% to himself,
he is never upset at Beckam, and still wants to "carry" and kiss him.

He is just about completely potty trained... only wearing diapers at sleep time, just in case.
This makes me VERY excited.

This little farmer is straight up obsessed with tractors.
It's safe to say he knows more about farming than I do now.

Those freckles... and eyelashes are almost too much for me to handle. 

I'm not exactly sure when he "grew up", 
but I'd appreciate it if time slowed down now.

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