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Back in March, when my mom was visiting, we decided it was necessary to head over to our fabulous neighbors and check out their baby lambs. 
{You may recall this post from last year when we did the same thing.}

Everyone was pretty excited about it... as you can see.

As soon as we got there, Brody wanted Julio to carry him around and check things out. 

Mr. Brody wasn't as smitten with the lambs as he was last year.

But he did get in one little pet.

These ladies and I have a lot in common...
they are sitting around waiting for their little babies to come too.

Brody was telling Maria all about the "lamb-sheepies"... as he likes to call them.

Meet Snowball. The same sheep dog that ripped my brand new jacket last year. 
Brody loves her.

We had such a fabulous time.
And yes, Maria did have some of her amazing peanut butter cookies for us to eat too.


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