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{baby shower}

Yesterday I had my baby shower/spa day thrown by the fabulous Karli.
Let's just say that getting pampered at a spa is way more fun than tasting different flavors of baby foods.
And let's face it... these cankle's needed a little lovin'.

We started out with a delish lunch at Fork in downtown Boise.

I stuffed my face with a big ol' burger and some amazing rosemary parmesan fries. 
I didn't get a picture of the fancy spread unfortunately, but it was big. And yummy.

With a little time to spare before the spa, we naturally hit up Anthropologie.
I, of course, purchased some accessories, seeing as though I'm pretty sure nothing would fit me in the entire store.

Next, spa time! 
Karli had gone early and set up this fancy little number...

{There were some extra cupcakes that my farmer pounded in approximately 5 seconds once I got home.
They were that good.}

We ate some more, and got our feetsies lookin' fine.

Fun, fun, fun.

I had such an amazing time and am so thankful for great friends to share the day with.

34 weeks preg today!
{although at my 33 week appointment Mr. Fetus had a fundal height of 36 weeks!!}
Not too far to go. :)


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