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{and then we got competitive}

First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone who showed such an outpour of support with my mom's recent hospital visit.
They did have to add two more coils to the aneurysm that burst last May since it was leaking blood into the location of the prior burst.
The doctor thinks that it shouldn't need any further treatment, but they'll still keep an eye on it.
As far as the other two aneurysms, they haven't changed and don't appear to be an issue as of now.
After a one night stay in the ICU, she was back home and on the mend.
She seems to be doing great! :)

Secondly, I got some great name recommendations for this little bun in the oven, so thank you!
And... keep on sending them my way because we certainly haven't chosen a finalist.

Thirdly, yesterday was Easter. Obviously.
I put on a last minute brunch on the farm, and it was super fun.

Here's a little {long} recap of our day.

We had tulips and stripey straws on hand.

The easter bunny even left some goodies.

There were about 80 eggs to dye, and as you can see everyone loved it...

...except maybe this little bear. Couldn't get her to crack a smile for the life of me!

A few family portraits later...

...and it was food time! Egg casserole, fruit salad, potato casserole, blueberry muffins, orange scones and strawberry cupcakes = SO yummy!

My farmer and I went out to hide all 80 eggs for the three little ones promptly after brunch. 
Brody seemed to have much more fun this year than last.

And I think that he inherited a wee bit of competitiveness. 
Look at that tongue!

After the little ones hunt, we split up between guys and gals. 
The guys hid the eggs for us first.
I think these next couple of pictures sum up how that went....

{yes, after a foot race to find an egg, I was pretty sure I was going into labor... don't worry it didn't happen}

Us ladies then decided to expand the boundaries and give the fella's a run for their money.
Let's just say that we had to give them a lot of hints.
I'm pretty sure I know where Brody inherited that competitiveness from now.

They were quite fun to watch though, even little miss Emmalyn thought so.

Oh, yes and what's easter without pulling out the hubs childhood easter basket. 
Isn't he cute!? :)

 I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend also!!

Now go and pull a couple of pranks... it is April one!
{AHH, next month is baby month!!!}


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