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{37 weeks}

We've officially hit full term!

Size of baby: Supposedly baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measured a bit over 19 inches long. I'd like to think he is weighing it at a solid 8.

Development: Baby's lungs are most likely mature enough, that if he were to be born now, he'd fully adjust to life outside of the womb. Holler. He also is supposed to have a pretty firm grasp... which I believe since he's been tugging at my hip bone for a solid couple months.

Feeling: Actually... pretty good. I really can't complain too much. I haven't had heart burn once this whole pregnancy, and for that I am thankful!

Sleeping: Non existent still. The couch is my new best friend... I can get a good couple hours of sleep there.  Inevitably my hips/back start aching there though too. 

Movement: This little man is still quite active. Uncomfortably active at times. Mostly by my hip bones??
Brody likes for me to "carry him" when he is falling asleep in his bed. He rests his head on my belly and the baby usually shoves his butt against Brody's head. I like to think they're bonding.

Name: I think we may have it figured out. Crazy right!? However, we are going to keep it under wraps for now - I'm not into hearing people's opinions about it and how they might not like it. We like it, so that's all that counts!

Looking forward to: Holding this little peanut in my arms.

Fun facts: I went in to my doctors appointment last week to see if I was progressing at all.
Luckily I had very low expectations, because I was dilated to a big ol' ZERO!
I have another appointment tomorrow... my prediction... zero again.

Feel free to cast your baby prediction in the comments.
Weight, height, birthday, color of hair/eyes??

Maybe there will be a prize for the winner!!! :)



{rustic/modern toddler room: re-design)

Brody's room finally has all of the finishing touches complete, and it is time for the big debut...

I had so much fun designing this rustic/modern room for him.
AND he loves it, which makes it even more worth it. 

Project details...
Bedding: Serena and Lily
Bed Frame: West Elm
Dresser: Antique
Train Table: Pottery Barn Kids
Baskets: World Market
Teepee: Moozle
Cowhide: can't remember the exact site, but it was found online
Deer Head: Cardboard Safari
Star: Old... don't remember where I got it
Moroccan Pouf: Overstock
Frame and backing of deer: Barn wood - perks of living on a farm. :)
Wooden Tractor: Mexico - gifted

Hope you enjoyed!

Now I'm finishing off the babies room, and will share as soon as that is complete too.




Back in March, when my mom was visiting, we decided it was necessary to head over to our fabulous neighbors and check out their baby lambs. 
{You may recall this post from last year when we did the same thing.}

Everyone was pretty excited about it... as you can see.

As soon as we got there, Brody wanted Julio to carry him around and check things out. 

Mr. Brody wasn't as smitten with the lambs as he was last year.

But he did get in one little pet.

These ladies and I have a lot in common...
they are sitting around waiting for their little babies to come too.

Brody was telling Maria all about the "lamb-sheepies"... as he likes to call them.

Meet Snowball. The same sheep dog that ripped my brand new jacket last year. 
Brody loves her.

We had such a fabulous time.
And yes, Maria did have some of her amazing peanut butter cookies for us to eat too.



{35 weeks preg + 26 months old}

Well, well, well. Look who's 35 weeks pregnant!
Do you know what's more uncomfortable than being 35 weeks pregnant?
Being SICK while 35 weeks pregnant.
Yup, we're sick again.
I'm just hoping we get our fill of sick days for the year before little Mr. Fetus makes his arrival!

Size of baby: He is over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5.25 pounds.

Development:  His kidney's are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Basic physical development is now complete. His main job over the next few weeks is to put on weight.

Name: You'd think we would have chosen a name by now... but you'd be mistaken. We like to live on the edge apparently, and name our child at the last minute. Aren't we daring!?  

Feeling: Well since I'm sick at the moment, not so hot. Blah.

Sleeping: Nope. I had to get up to use the restroom FIVE times last night. And with Brody coughing quite a bit and checking on him, this momma's not getting her much needed REM sleep.

Movement: Yup. He is running out of space, so he's not quite as somer-saulty as he used to be, but he sure likes to stretch out and push quite hard on my belly. He's a strong one, that's for sure!

Looking forward to: Sleeping on my stomach!!!!

Fun facts: The same thing happened to Brody, but this little babe has been popping. Yes, his joints make an audible pop in belly every now and then. Since it happened last time, and is supposedly normal, I'm not nearly as freaked out. But it is still strange.

Now, onto cuter things than my big ol' belly.
This guy.

Brody is 26 months now... or as I like to say... 2.
There are no words really. 
Isn't he the cutest little guy you've ever seen!?
Clearly I'm biased, but come on...

Oh golly - it hurts my heart... in a good way.

{Note his tractor in EVERY picture also.}

Have a fantastic week lovelies!



{baby shower}

Yesterday I had my baby shower/spa day thrown by the fabulous Karli.
Let's just say that getting pampered at a spa is way more fun than tasting different flavors of baby foods.
And let's face it... these cankle's needed a little lovin'.

We started out with a delish lunch at Fork in downtown Boise.

I stuffed my face with a big ol' burger and some amazing rosemary parmesan fries. 
I didn't get a picture of the fancy spread unfortunately, but it was big. And yummy.

With a little time to spare before the spa, we naturally hit up Anthropologie.
I, of course, purchased some accessories, seeing as though I'm pretty sure nothing would fit me in the entire store.

Next, spa time! 
Karli had gone early and set up this fancy little number...

{There were some extra cupcakes that my farmer pounded in approximately 5 seconds once I got home.
They were that good.}

We ate some more, and got our feetsies lookin' fine.

Fun, fun, fun.

I had such an amazing time and am so thankful for great friends to share the day with.

34 weeks preg today!
{although at my 33 week appointment Mr. Fetus had a fundal height of 36 weeks!!}
Not too far to go. :)



{and then we got competitive}

First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone who showed such an outpour of support with my mom's recent hospital visit.
They did have to add two more coils to the aneurysm that burst last May since it was leaking blood into the location of the prior burst.
The doctor thinks that it shouldn't need any further treatment, but they'll still keep an eye on it.
As far as the other two aneurysms, they haven't changed and don't appear to be an issue as of now.
After a one night stay in the ICU, she was back home and on the mend.
She seems to be doing great! :)

Secondly, I got some great name recommendations for this little bun in the oven, so thank you!
And... keep on sending them my way because we certainly haven't chosen a finalist.

Thirdly, yesterday was Easter. Obviously.
I put on a last minute brunch on the farm, and it was super fun.

Here's a little {long} recap of our day.

We had tulips and stripey straws on hand.

The easter bunny even left some goodies.

There were about 80 eggs to dye, and as you can see everyone loved it...

...except maybe this little bear. Couldn't get her to crack a smile for the life of me!

A few family portraits later...

...and it was food time! Egg casserole, fruit salad, potato casserole, blueberry muffins, orange scones and strawberry cupcakes = SO yummy!

My farmer and I went out to hide all 80 eggs for the three little ones promptly after brunch. 
Brody seemed to have much more fun this year than last.

And I think that he inherited a wee bit of competitiveness. 
Look at that tongue!

After the little ones hunt, we split up between guys and gals. 
The guys hid the eggs for us first.
I think these next couple of pictures sum up how that went....

{yes, after a foot race to find an egg, I was pretty sure I was going into labor... don't worry it didn't happen}

Us ladies then decided to expand the boundaries and give the fella's a run for their money.
Let's just say that we had to give them a lot of hints.
I'm pretty sure I know where Brody inherited that competitiveness from now.

They were quite fun to watch though, even little miss Emmalyn thought so.

Oh, yes and what's easter without pulling out the hubs childhood easter basket. 
Isn't he cute!? :)

 I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend also!!

Now go and pull a couple of pranks... it is April one!
{AHH, next month is baby month!!!}

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