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{farewell pacifiers}

Today was the day.
I snipped the ends of all of Brody's pacifiers, lovingly called his "night-nights".

As he sat and innocently ate his breakfast, I was in the kitchen ruining one of his main comforts that he has known since birth.
If that doesn't make you feel like a bad mom, I don't know what does.

The whole thing is quite emotional... for me.
Maybe it's because I am a ball of emotion in general,
or maybe it's because my little baby is growing up SO fast. 
Another stage gone. 
Every day he grows up just a little bit more, and it hurts my heart.
I can only imagine watching him with his baby brother in a couple of months and realizing just how big he truly is.

I've read/heard that giving up the pacifiers is harder on the parents than on the kids.
That is completely accurate.
As I put Brody down for his nap today, he requested his night-nights.
He likes three... one for each hand and one for his mouth.
He tried all three of them before looking concerned, and then said, "mommy, bubble."
No idea what exactly that means.
But then he declared that they were broken.
Every couple of seconds he switched to another night-night.
After quite a few minutes of frustration, to my surprise, he stopped trying them.
He simply fell asleep without them.
Not exactly sure how long he will sleep, or what will happen at bed time tonight, but for now, I will call this a success.

**Just a note to mommy's who want to try this same technique...
snip ALL of the pacifiers in the house.
Don't leave a spare around.
I know I can't be trusted, and surely would've snuck him an unbroken night-night at some point.


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