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{diy striped curtains}

I've been in the market for some navy and white striped curtains for Brody's room.
Needless to say, they are expensive.
And the most prevalent place for them is on etsy.
I figured if other people can make them to sell, why can't I make them for my kids room?
So, that's just what I did.

You probably think that the first place I'd go is to a fabric store.
That would be WAY too much sewing/cutting for me.
Call me lazy, or 32 weeks pregnant, either one is true.

While searching the web I came across these super cute shower curtains from west elm.

After doing some measuring, I knew that I would only need two shower curtains to make four curtains for Brody's room. 
Being $38 a piece, I would have all of Brody's curtains for about $80.
That is how much ONE panel was costing on other sites.
So I obviously ordered them.

They came today in the mail, and I was anxious to get them done.

Let me break down for you what I did...

First I folded the shower curtain in half vertically.
I really just eye balled it.

Next, I ironed the fold to make a strong crease.
When I unfolded it I could see right where I needed to cut.
Chop, chop, chop.

I wanted to copy the seam that west elm had already put onto the shower curtain on the other side.
It was 1/2 inch.
I actually did measure this time, and went along the back side of the curtain folding over the fabric and pinning it 1/2 inch back.

After it was all pinned I ironed it to get a good crease again.
Then, I sewed it right up with navy thread.

I did the same thing to the top... 
it had slits in it to be used as a shower curtain remember, so I had to loop it around to fit onto the curtain rod.
You'll need to measure yours depending on the size of your curtain rod. 
I like to leave some extra room, because it's better loose than too tight!

And then, boom! You're done... with one. 
Do that three more times and you've got four panels for $80 and very little work.

I'm nearly done with Brody's room renovation.
I'll do a post on that soon-ish, so start getting excited. :)
Maybe I'll even get those wrinkles steamed out of the curtains - geez!



  1. This looks awesome! Love these curtains.

  2. This is very smart, Amy! You surely saved a lot by improvising the drapes on Etsy. I think you should reserve buying for really complicated projects, like for shabby chic furniture. You know your limitations; this one is a piece of cake. Great going! Roxie@Allure Window Treatments of Philadelphia


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