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{kauai pt. I - pimp stick}

It's almost been two weeks since we were in Hawaii.
We had such a fabulous time with our fellow farm friends! 

I swear my skin is flaking off of my body since we've been back...
Not from sunburn, but this dry climate here in Idaho is causing me issues.

I figured since I had so many fabulous photos, I'd break my posts up.

I was rather ambitious with picture taking at the beginning of the trip, 
so this post is from our first full day there.

We decided to take a drive up the East coast towards to North shore to get a feel for what we wanted to accomplish in the days to come.

Brody was kind of enthralled with the ocean.

After getting our feel of things we decided to get out of the car and go for a hike.
It was SO beautiful.

At the bottom of the trail, people had placed big sticks/branches for others to use as walking sticks.
It was very kind, really.

And they came in very handy, as you can see.

Since I was the shortest of the bunch, I claimed the shortest stick.
More like a cane, if you will.
It was lovingly dubbed as the pimp stick.

Let me introduce you to my pimp stick.

Good ol' pimp stick really came in handy for me.

Moving on...

Brody decided he was in love with baby Kaye and would be joining her family.

We honestly should have done this hike daily with the amount of cals we consumed.
But we didn't.
There were a couple of other ways we burned them off though...
more to come on that in the upcoming days. :)



  1. Looks like y'all had a great time! Your pictures are great and are making me want to go back to Hawaii!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So beautiful! I'm stuck in frigid, snowy Minnesota!


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