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{kauai pt. II - slide queen}

When in Kauai, the farmer's decided that they would like to take up paddle boarding.
While they went and showed up the locals, 
us ladies and the babes hung out on the beach.

Brody loved playing in the sand...

and watching the ocean.

While miss Kaye, really loved sleeping.
That ocean sound put her to sleep every time.
Karli and I did our best ocean interpretation for her in the car once when she was fussy.
I think it startled her more than anything,
and then she saw right through that hoax, called us impostors, and continued on. 

Since the boys got a day of paddle boarding in, the next day us ladies took a day to ourselves.
When we returned we were pleasantly surprised with some purchases they had made.
Don't they look like locals?

I particularly like that my farmer insisted on wearing this shirt almost daily.
He also, as you can see, quickly gave up on the paddle board, for his known domain of surfing.

This was our gorgeous view.
And that awesome pool/lazy river had a couple of fabulous slides.

My farmer had noticed one day a kid go down the slide time, after time, after time.
They called him the slide king.
Ryan asked him if he thought that he had gone down the slide 40 times.
The kid arrogantly thought he had.
SO, the next day while the weather was rainy, and we were the ONLY ones in the pool,
Ryan decided it was time to do the slide 40 times also.
He was the new, self proclaimed, slide king.

The next day however, while the boys were in the room while the babes napped,
Karli and I decided we had to beat the record.
And our pool entrances were epic. 

 We both went down the slides a total of 43 times. 
It might not sound that impressive, but I'd challenge you to beat my record.
Not to brag or anything, but I am currently the reigning slide queen.

Doesn't Brody look impressed!?

Brody even got to try the slide a couple of times.

And he LOVED it!

This kid kills me. 



{kauai pt. I - pimp stick}

It's almost been two weeks since we were in Hawaii.
We had such a fabulous time with our fellow farm friends! 

I swear my skin is flaking off of my body since we've been back...
Not from sunburn, but this dry climate here in Idaho is causing me issues.

I figured since I had so many fabulous photos, I'd break my posts up.

I was rather ambitious with picture taking at the beginning of the trip, 
so this post is from our first full day there.

We decided to take a drive up the East coast towards to North shore to get a feel for what we wanted to accomplish in the days to come.

Brody was kind of enthralled with the ocean.

After getting our feel of things we decided to get out of the car and go for a hike.
It was SO beautiful.

At the bottom of the trail, people had placed big sticks/branches for others to use as walking sticks.
It was very kind, really.

And they came in very handy, as you can see.

Since I was the shortest of the bunch, I claimed the shortest stick.
More like a cane, if you will.
It was lovingly dubbed as the pimp stick.

Let me introduce you to my pimp stick.

Good ol' pimp stick really came in handy for me.

Moving on...

Brody decided he was in love with baby Kaye and would be joining her family.

We honestly should have done this hike daily with the amount of cals we consumed.
But we didn't.
There were a couple of other ways we burned them off though...
more to come on that in the upcoming days. :)



{john deere party}

Yesterday was my farmer's birthday.
And the day before that was my baby farmer's birthday.
Naturally, I threw them a little John Deere party.

I decided that the only necessity was a tractor cake. 
Feist your eyes...

This bad boy took a couple of hours to complete, but I was pleased with how it turned out.

I used pound cake for the tractor since it is heavier, and I was worried about it falling apart.
Not knowing if people would enjoy pound cake, I also whipped up a regular cake. 

Brody was eager to open his presents, and jumped up on the couch very obediently.
I picked him up a wooden car carrier on a whim, and he opened that first.
Turns out it was his favorite thing ever, and even though he willingly opened all of the other gifts, 
he immediately asked for this truck right back.

Brody tried multiple times to blow these candles out while sitting.
He just about burned off his eye brows though.
As soon as we had him stand on his high chair, he blew them right out!

He also helped daddy blow his candles out. :)

Oh yes, and that other cake that I made?
It is completely whole still. 
Turns out pound cake makes a pretty tasty birthday cake.
I mean, who doesn't love a little extra butter?

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