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{snowshoeing with a toddler}

We recently went snowshoeing with some awesome peeps.

This wee little one loved snowshoeing.
A lot. Can you tell?

My wee little one loved the first half of snowshoeing.
Not so much the second half.
Can you tell?

Because his poor little face was so red, we thought his face must have just gotten too cold. 
Karli tried to warm those little cheekies with her warm hands.
No luck.

It was the following picture where he is probably saying, "Daddy, wtf? Why don't you shove that second glove back on my hand that just fell off!"

He cried for the whole "walk" back. 
With his arms spread wide and his frozen club hands waiting to get warmed up.
Not sure why I kept assuming it was his face. 
I wrapped my scarf around him even.
{fyi, carrying a human in your belly and a thirty pound child in your arms, 
while wearing snowshoes and walking back to the lodge = not an easy feat}

It was clear that his hands were what was bothering him as soon as I started stripping 
him down from his many layers. 
Warm water, "hot hands" pack, hot chocolate, and a lot of goldfish later all was well.

A few days later now, and still when I ask him if he likes snowshoeing, he responds quickly with a "no". 
Poor kid. 



  1. awww poor guy! and look at you super mom!

  2. Poor little guy! Cold hands hurt! Glad all is well minus the dislike for the activity! You rock mama! Takes a lot of energy toting around a kiddo while pregnant!

  3. Poor boy! We tried to go cross country skiing when my daughter was about 4-5 months old, and she made it about, oh, 1/2 mile. Then screamed about the cold as I took off my skiis and walked back to our car in about 3 feet of snow, carrying her and occasionally letting her nurse (extremely awkward, but it made her happy!). I don't think the people behind us were too happy with my footprints. Oops!

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