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{look who's back!}

Holy blog-cation!
It's been a while.

Between holidays, family visits, Brody getting a cold, me getting a cold AND the stomach bug, 
I've clearly been MIA.

Shall I give you a quick recap as to what's been going on?
I'll spare you the wordy blog post re-cap, and give you a strict pictures only one.
Here you have it.

Let's start out with my farmer's sexy fake stache. You're welcome.

Brody had lots of fun hanging out with his cousins.

Bath time! This was before Brody tried to accidentally drown his baby cousin. Oops.


Matching shoesies!

Boise Botanical Garden Lights.
Looks kinds lame in the picture, but was actually fun.
Maybe that's because I got to carry around a bag of fresh kettle corn.

Jealous the big boys get to go snowmobiling.

I did a little 2 month old photo shoot.

Christmas lovin' cousins.

Ryan's gift to all of the guys. Don't worry, it was on the inside of the sweatshirts.
Not like that makes it less creepy.

An invigorating game of ping pong...

... in which Brody clearly lost. Drowning his sorrows.

Two more boys coming to the family in May!

Brody's Christmas teepee.

Playing with his new train track.

It's way more fun without pants on.

More quality cousin time.

Loves for Daddy.

Cuddles for iPad, lovingly known as his "myPad".

Football in the snow.

Lots of play time with cousin Caleb.

No more rails!

Ready to play in the snow.

Snowed in tractor.

Snowmobile rides are so relaxing.

Sleeping on baby brother.

Gosh, well I think 27 pictures is enough for now.

I've got a yummy recipe coming up soon, so get excited.
You might be hearing from me more often than once a month. 

Peace out lovelies.



  1. Does your husband know you put up that mustache picture of him? :P He must have a good sense of humor. Always a good trait in a man.
    And those sweatshirt gifts are hilarious!!

  2. Where in the world did you get that mini John Deere tractor? So cute and I know 2 little boys who need one.
    Your family is adorable!

  3. Oh my son has the same trains, cute! How did the transition to no rails on the crib go? That is our next transition and I am secretly dreading it...

  4. Oh, such sweetness! I love all of these!!


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