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{beckam - 6 months}

Oh, Beckam.
 Half of a year.
It's hard to believe that in another six months we are going to be having a birthday party for you, my little munchkin.

It is so fun watching you grow,
and seeing your little personality come out. 

It's been a rough last week for you.
You got your very first cold.
You are not a fan of all of that mucus in your little body.
Remember how I used to brag about what an awesome sleeper you were?
Well... that all went down the drain when you couldn't breathe once I laid you down.
I ended up holding you in your glider for two nights in a row, just so you could sleep.
I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it.
You've been trying to convince me that this needs to be a nightly routine.
No, sir. Not gonna happen.
I'm going to force you to be the rockstar sleeper of the family.
It's your destiny.

In addition to your cold, you also have some eczema.
This isn't new, but now that you have a little more control of your body, 
you are beginning to itch it more. 
No worries, I've been researching like a crazy lady and we are going 
to get this all figured our for you my little friend.

Despite your itchy skin, and recent snotty nose,
you are still ridiculously happy.
It's amazing really.
You literally smile when you sneeze.
Your positive attitude is already contagious.
I can't wait to see what this means for your future.

This last month you started on some solid food!
 You seemed very ready and interested, and then...
when you actually got your first solid food meal,
you hated it.
It was some baby cereal.
And I tasted it.
It was good.
I waited a little longer before I started introducing you to vegetables and fruits.
Turns out, you do actually like food.
Even your baby cereal now.
So far, your favorites are sweet potatoes and mangos. 

Another "first" this past month was going down to Grandma's for a few hours with Brody.
You had never been away from me.
I was just across the field at home, but still.
It was strange.
The first time always is.
While you were there, we learned that you don't like to take a bottle, 
but you will take a nice long nap.
Yesterday you went again...
and I got my hair cut for the first time in about a year.
Judging by the amount of times you've pulled on it and tried to eat it,
I'm going to assume that you like it.

You continue to sit up like a pro.
Plopping you on the floor to play is one of your favorite things. 
You still tip over occasionally though, and do some wild rolls.
You get kinda fussy when you are on your tummy and something is in the way of your rolling onto your back.
You despise tummy time. 
And immediately roll over.
{unless I prop things on either side of you}
You would much rather just sit up to play.
I wonder if you will ever crawl?
Because I once heard that if you walk before you crawl, you will be uncoordinated. 
Do me a favor pal... let's work on staying on your tummy longer.
Crawling is in your future.

You are learning to take revenge.
Your big brother loves you a little too hard sometimes.
I don't think that you are too worried about it though.
When he comes to give you a big hug, you've started whopping him in the head/face over and over.
You both seem to enjoy it, so whop on.

Your sweet voice and singing will never get old to me.
I love you so much baby!
Keep on being awesome.

Love, your mommy.



{five things... including the mullet revisited}

1. I slept sitting upright last night.
I was holding my poor sick baby and comforting him through his first ever cold.
He would normally prefer to be left alone while he slept, 
but I couldn't put him down without screams of disapproval last night.

Fingers crossed that he feels like sleeping solo tonight.

2. Every year I put together a home video of sorts with pictures, video and music.
As I was working on it today, I ran across them gem.

Note the golden mullet. 
Those were his glory days.

3. We got Beckam's new fall Honest Diapers in the mail recently.
They are oh-so-cute.
I just had to take a few pics of him in them, although his chub covers them up real good.

Brody snuck in for a photo-op too.

4. Some good friends of ours let us borrow their sons large collection of Cars toys for Brody. 
He is mildly obsessed, and was in heaven when he came home from working with his daddy to all of these awesome toys. 

{excuse the poor quality photo, I took a screen shot of a video - but you get the idea}

I am so thrilled I didn't have to buy them too, since it will probably be a short lived phase.

5. Hallelujah it's the weekend.
I am more than thrilled that my hubby gets to spend a whole 24 hours with us and not do anything work related.
We miss him around these parts during the week.

AND, am I not the luckiest gal around!?
I mean, I'm surrounded by these three handsome guys all the time. :)

I hope that your weekend is as fabulous as mine will be!
Catch ya later homies.



{we're done}

Sugar beet harvest is officially over.
This year at least.
It's usually the most intense harvest of the year, where we rarely see my farmer,
soooo, I'm glad it's over.

I thought I'd give y'all a little tour through photos of a day in the life of sugar beet harvest 
around these parts. 

This is what harvest looks like when things are running smoothly:

And, when things slow down the following takes place:

{Brody learned to use a beet knife this year. He wasn't interested in picking up the fallen beets until this large, sharp and semi dangerous tool was presented.}

{The farmer cleans off and services his digger, while purposefully ignoring my camera.}

{The dog takes a break from running through the field and eating sugar beets... which by the way cause the worst dog fart you've ever smelled.}

{Little farmer plays with the wilted beet tops, and chases whoever will run from him.}

My hubby got a lot of help from the boys this year:

{Beckam's first time digging. I would say he was underwhelmed. 
Or maybe he was just playing it cool.}

{Gunner is always helpful. Or not so much. But he's lovable... 
as long as he hasn't eaten too many sugar beets.}

Brody drove with his daddy almost every day for the past month.
He would stay for a couple of hours, and usually take his nap on the floor of the tractor...
after he ate most of Ryan's lunch.
This is what usually occurred when I went to pick him up:

{Beckam got to bond a little with daddy too.}

{I would throw Brody around after "racing" through the truck tracks.}

Let's just say it was an exhausting harvest:

Now that it's over, you'd think my hubby could hang out.
He started combining corn about 4 hours after finishing the beets.
Maybe in a couple weeks! :)



{1000 days}

1000 days ago I met my first born for the first time.

I never knew I could love someone so much.
I still remember the first time he cried... I started talking to him and he instantly quieted down and looked at me. It was like he was seeing me, the person that he had heard and felt safe with for so long, for the first time. 
Those first few days we spent a lot of time staring at each other.
1000 days later, I still stare. 

It seems nearly impossible that he has turned into such a big boy so quickly.
Every day he grows up a little bit more.
While this makes my heart hurt a little, I know that it is inevitable. 
Before I know it he is going to be even more independent than he is already.
I try to remind myself on the busy days, to take time... sit down and play.
Because tomorrow, he might not want me to.

This age, is SO fun.
Being able to communicate with him and crack jokes, makes us giggle on a daily basis.
Kids really do say the darndest things.

From the moment he laid eyes on baby brother Beckam, he was in love.
Sometimes in fact, he loves on him a little too much.
Almost daily he says, "Baby knows that's funny!"...
perhaps because Beckam is usually smiling or squealing in his direction.

He is such a fast learner, and sure loves to farm.
He mimics whichever harvest is currently going on with his toys at home.
We have some very elaborate sugar beet and corn harvest happening in the house right now.
It's amazing how accurate it all is too.
I swear he knows much more about farming than I do...
probably because he is in the tractor once a day this time of year.

I'm so proud of my big boy, and all that he has already accomplished and become.
I can't wait to see what the next 1000 days hold... and beyond.
Love, love, LOVE him.




What's cuter than a pair of chaps?
The answer: nothing!
Especially when they are on adorable little boys.

This Halloween I dressed up both my boys as little cowboys.
And they were cuter than ever.

I bet one picture of each of them would be plenty for you.
However... I can't help myself. 
I just can't.

We used these outfits at a dress up first birthday party too. We were a rodeo family. 

However all my boys took after Beckam and decided to go pants-less.

Needless to say, my hubby won the costume contest. 
You're welcome.

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