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{another farmer's wife}

Nope, I'm not getting myself a sister wife... this farmer's wife has a farmer of her own :)

Today I get to introduce you to your new favorite blog. Exciting right?

I won't waste anymore of your precious time. Read on lovelies!


look who's slowly re-entering the bloggy-blog community. it's me!

(whenever i write bloggy-blog it makes me think of snoop doggy-dog...am i right? then i picture my 7th grade self bustin' my moves on the gymnasium dance floor wondering why no fellas want to dance with this girl that clearly has the very BEST moves to snoop doggy-dog. we can apply that same dance story to 8th, 9th, all the way through 12th grade. then i stopped dancing...in public.)

moving on...

so my dear sweet farmer's wife was KIND enough to let me put my words down on her bloggy-blog in hopes of enticing all of her fabulous readers on over to my corner of farm land.

shameless plug - CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY BLOG!

i'm a farmer's wife too! more fun facts?

miss amy and i live 27 minutes from each other.

i call her my neighbor. here she is visiting bebe kaye at the hospital with her husband and little boy. they brought us starbucks.

they also bought bebe kaye a halloween costume since she was born on october 30th...

wings and a wand. they're the best.

our husbands are super-awesome, good-looking farmers.

this little photo was stolen right off amy's blog post from last february...

uh...maybe this isn't the best example.

i just had a bebe! her name is kaye. she's beautiful...see...

beautiful...right? well, we're working on it. no judgement. let's give her a few more weeks.

i'm super into running and fitness. 

so kaye and i have been hitting the treadmill for bits at a time until i get cleared to really work out. two more weeks seems like an eternity.

she may look quite squishy in there, but she's actually into it. it takes approximately 30 seconds for her to fall asleep. on this particular day about 45 minutes into our walk she decided taking a poo on me was  a better use of her time. our walk was cut short.

another note - even though i'm back down to pre-preg weight...things are squish-city and lack some serious tone. we're talking sag-a**, flappy arms, and a jiggle belly. i've asked my farmer for some cross-fit sessions for christmas. (please don't forget, farmer!)

well...that certainly doesn't get us fully acquainted but it's a start.

happy holidays!


She's the best. 

Now, head on over to her blog and become friends! :)


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