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{a little home video for your viewing pleasure}

For the last two years I have made a compilation of the years happenings into a video.
It's a mix of a lot of pictures and videos {which are mostly of Brody} with some rockin' tunes.
It's my way of not having to scrapbook.
And I have to say, recently watching the 2011 movie made me cry....
{remember my pregnancy hormones are raging}
BUT realizing how much my little man has grown is a crazy thing. 
Time flies! 
Sorry for the cliché, but it's true.

I thought all of you might enjoy a little snippet of Brody's 2011 video. 
He can get down...

He was so little and chubby!

The 2012 video is finished now too, which I blame my lack of blogging on.

ALSO, you might remember the little holiday link-up I did with The Mrs. and the Momma.
Well.... tomorrow is the second/final link-up.
Link up with ANYTHING holiday related tomorrow and meet some new fab friends.
See you then!

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