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{life lately}

Life lately....
I'll spare you the amount of times I cry in a day. 
These pregnancy hormones are making me a wee bit emotional.
Cleaning out Brody's closet and packing away the clothes that were once way too big for him, because now they are WAY too small is flat out sad.

Seriously crazy tears up in here. 
Happy tears, frustration tears, sad tears, out of nowhere tears.
What is wrong with me!?

Brody has been sick for approximately forever. 
Not really, but it sure has seemed like forever. 
And I've been nauseous.
Sickness + freezing cold weather = keeping ourselves busy indoors {mostly}...

{staring longingly at the sheep across the street - "baaing" at them, and calling them goats}

{these little darlings get to visit Brody in the laundry room - he insists that they belong in daddy's boots}

{cleaned and organized the toy box - perhaps Brody inherited my mild OCD because he helped place the toys in their correct location and it still looks like this days later}

{just sitting in a bookshelf, flirting}

{quadruple chocolate cookies - YES please}

{two boys sitting on command}

{taking his "baby" on a walk}


{Cheers to a good week!}

All of these pics are from my instagram. If you already follow me, sorry for the repetition. If you don't, you can visit my profile here.

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  1. Ohmagoodness the kittens in boots!

    I hope you both feel better soon. :)

    New-ish follower here!

  2. Awe sooo cute. I hope Brody feels better really fast and that the tears will only tears of joy.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I am a sucker for black cats - love them. Love the one I own... who am I kidding, he own's me. But 2 baby black kittens in boots *DIES* So cute!!!

  4. I agree with the other ladies, the black cats in the boots is adorable!!

  5. Oh the pregnancy tears- I wish I knew how to stop them!


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