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{cali recap}

Our trip to Cali started off great. We were making great time and a couple of hours ahead of schedule. And then... 

Bay Bridge traffic. Holy Moly. It took us HOURS to go just 10 miles into San Francisco. Ridic.
But, we finally made it and we were happy.

We went down to SF to see my awesome Aunt Nancy. 
We stayed at the lovely Stanyan Park Hotel at the edge of the Golden Gate Park.

The first day we decided to head to the California Academy of Sciences.
It was awesome. 
Here is a a little photo dump of our time there...

{my lovely husband diligently carried my camera bag all day... and Brody}

{he was obsessed with the reindeer}

There are loads more pictures, but I will spare you. Moral of the story, that place is awesome. And crowded.

For the remainder of our stay we did a lot of walking...

And a lot of eating. We went to the restaurant Bambino's two nights in a row. 
Not only is it super delish, but the waitress loved Brody.
He got some extra special treatment + some dough to play with.

Fun fun times.

Next, Thanksgiving at my parents.
As you may recall from this post, my brother's fiance and I were in charge of making the food {with some extra helpers stepping in once in a while}

Not to brag or anything...
but we nailed it.

Boom: table decorated.

Boom: food finished.

Boom: pies! 
{all courtesy of my grandma}

Boom: walk it off.

I'll consider it a success.

Oh, and Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some Tractor Tom. 
Brody pulled each member of the family back to the computer to watch it on Youtube. 
Nobody complained about the 10 minutes of cuddle time.

 We are home now, and brought my mom with us. :)

Brody is really enjoying having his "Yaya" here to play.

I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday also.

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1 comment:

  1. That looks like a wonderful trip!!! I love that one with Brody's arm wrapped tightly around your neck! Enjoy having your mom there!


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