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{giveaway | suspenders}

A few weeks ago I started doing some Christmas shopping. 
I decided that I wanted to get Brody and his two boy cousins some suspenders and bow ties. 
{sorry for the spoiler sister-in-laws}
I found the BEST etsy shop to buy them! Bebecha.com

You may recall this picture from my Instagram if you follow me:

I obviously couldn't wait until Christmas to put them on Brody.

Cutest thing ever, right?

WELL... you could be the recipient of a pair!
If you have a little boy or friends with little boys, this is a site to remember.

Today I am giving away a pair of suspenders and bow tie in black and white polka dot {age 4-6},
thanks to Rachel, the owner of Bebecha.
How cute are they!?

Go ahead and get entered so you can give an awesome Christmas present like me!

Giveaway will end on December 7 at 12:00 am.


{cali recap}

Our trip to Cali started off great. We were making great time and a couple of hours ahead of schedule. And then... 

Bay Bridge traffic. Holy Moly. It took us HOURS to go just 10 miles into San Francisco. Ridic.
But, we finally made it and we were happy.

We went down to SF to see my awesome Aunt Nancy. 
We stayed at the lovely Stanyan Park Hotel at the edge of the Golden Gate Park.

The first day we decided to head to the California Academy of Sciences.
It was awesome. 
Here is a a little photo dump of our time there...

{my lovely husband diligently carried my camera bag all day... and Brody}

{he was obsessed with the reindeer}

There are loads more pictures, but I will spare you. Moral of the story, that place is awesome. And crowded.

For the remainder of our stay we did a lot of walking...

And a lot of eating. We went to the restaurant Bambino's two nights in a row. 
Not only is it super delish, but the waitress loved Brody.
He got some extra special treatment + some dough to play with.

Fun fun times.

Next, Thanksgiving at my parents.
As you may recall from this post, my brother's fiance and I were in charge of making the food {with some extra helpers stepping in once in a while}

Not to brag or anything...
but we nailed it.

Boom: table decorated.

Boom: food finished.

Boom: pies! 
{all courtesy of my grandma}

Boom: walk it off.

I'll consider it a success.

Oh, and Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some Tractor Tom. 
Brody pulled each member of the family back to the computer to watch it on Youtube. 
Nobody complained about the 10 minutes of cuddle time.

 We are home now, and brought my mom with us. :)

Brody is really enjoying having his "Yaya" here to play.

I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday also.

Don't forget to check back later today for yet another amazing giveaway.



{holiday link-up | t-day past + recipe}

My hubby, his sister and his brother all got married within 9 months of each other. 
Since the joining of families happened all at once, 
we decided we had better make a holiday schedule so we were all always on the same page.
We decided that we would switch off holiday's every year.
One year would be Thanksgiving with the hubs family, and Christmas with my family.
The next year, vice versa.

Things have worked out almost perfectly with that plan.

This year, it is Thanksgiving with my family. 
Two years ago when we were there for Thanksgiving I looked like this:

Pregnant. {I hope this being pregnant thing during Thanksgiving doesn't become too much of a habit.} 

And my mom was the happy, healthy, hostess...

Who created this amazing spread...

And this was our after dinner entertainment...

Pure talent people. Don't be jealous. :)

And then BOOM, one year later at Thanksgiving, three more babies. Just like that.

Look at that cute little turkey bum.

THIS year since I will be co-chef, I am going to leave you with a little recipe:


You'll need:
baby carrots
one green pepper
one yellow pepper
one red pepper
one cucumber
a bunch of lettuce
ONE olive


Extravagant I know.
You're welcome.
I don't know if this is a good or a bad time to tell you that I minored in art in college.
Don't be expecting pics of a spread like my mom put together for this year! :)


Okay, NOW for the holiday link-up! Holla.

-Link up your holiday related posts. You can visit my last blog post for some ideas.

-Please make sure you follow both hosts.
{the lovely Kristin from The Mrs. and the Momma started this lovely link-up}

-Grab a button and/or link up on your blog post.

-Visit some of the other blogs and let them know you're visiting from the Holiday Link Up Party!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Can't wait to read all of your posts!!
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving lovelies.


{upcoming link-up... get ready}

Hello, lovely fellow bloggers!
Happy Weekend. 
I usually don't write on the weekends, 
however I had to share a really fun upcoming event.

This coming Tuesday, the 20th, I am co-hosting a Holiday Link Up Party!
It seems as though this time of the year we are inevitably writing about the holiday's anyways,
SO why not link up a holiday post and meet some new blogger friends while we're at it?!

Here are the dets:
  • You can link up with ANYTHING holiday related... festive outfits, home decor, holiday wish lists, travel, black friday deals, plans for the holidays, traditions, diy's, office parties, etc.
  • Come and link up your blog on Tuesday (and then again on December 18).
  • Meet some awesome new friends and find some new blogs to follow. 

The Mrs. and The Momma

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm already excited about reading your holiday posts on Tuesday.

Now, enjoy the rest of the weekend. 




{rustic living | giveaway}

Congratulations to Shauni,who won the new blog design from last weeks giveaway!
Email me and I'll get you your goods.
Can't wait to check out your new design soon.

Today marks the next awesome giveaway in my "blogiversary month".
Ashley from Rustic Living is offering the winner a $20 credit to her shop.
If you haven't visited her shop before, it's time you do so!
Let me share with you just a few items that I am currently in love with...

Ashley is pretty great... 
I mean she does live in Idaho and is newly pregnant, 
which just about sums up an awesome person. :)

Now get yourselves entered lovelies!

{giveaway will end next Thursday, November 22, at midnight}



{circa 2005 pics + t-day plans}

In between snuggling my sickie, 
I am getting us packed to head to California Sunday.

We had originally planned to head down to the Grand Canyon and do a big hike, 
 just like my hubby's family has done in years past...

{all pics are circa 2005 - pre-marriage and mid-afro}

Reluctantly we decided against the Grand Canyon this year,
because of time restraints and the fact that Brody would want to be carried most of the way.

Instead, before heading to my parents for Thanksgiving,
we are going to go to San Francisco and spend a day touring around with my Aunt.

One of the items on our agenda is a trip to the California Academy of Sciences.
There is an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum. 
I think Brody is going to soak it up.
He's got a thing for "fishies".
And I hear they have an albino alligator there also.

This is also going to be the first year that my mom isn't in charge of Thanksgiving dinner.
Sad, but necessary. 
She still has a long recovery road ahead of her after her stroke.

My brother's fiancé and I are going to be the head chefs.
Wish us luck!

You may not be hearing from me much next week, 
but you can follow us along on our adventures via instagram!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

**Today is the LAST day to enter the new blog design giveaway.
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway.**

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