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{when Brody decided to drive... by himself}

So, you may know that we are no strangers to danger here on the farm.
You can just refer to #4 in this post, #4 in this post and this post.

Saturday morning Brody wanted to add to that list.
Ryan took him to go and start a pump... or something.
He left Brody inside the pickup with the heater on because it was freezing. Literally.

As Ryan was working the next thing he knew,
he looked up to see Brody smiling and waving at him through the drivers window as the truck was rolling along.
Brody must have been a little bored and wanted a wee bit more excitement.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem if they were working in a flat field.
But, they weren't.
They were on a decline, with the only two outcomes being running into the canal, OR off of an embankment which my farmer said could have flipped the truck.
Neither of those are good.

Good thing my farmer is quick on his feet.
He's like a gazelle.
He sprinted over to the drivers window and was able to kind of jump in, grab the shifter, and throw it into park.
There was some grinding of gears I guess.
And apparently Brody smashed into the dash.
But all is well.

Ryan made Brody sit on the mainline as he finished working.
Brody was very obedient.

My hubby didn't tell me about this story until a few hours after.
He's a smart man.
I am SO glad nothing worse happened.

Moral of the story?
Don't leave a toddler at the steering wheel of an idling vehicle.
They will gladly put into drive and smile and wave at you on their way to wrecking themselves, and your vehicle.



  1. obvs. i blame pinky. that truck has been nothing but issues from day #1. pinky...

  2. Crazy! Glad he was able to stop the truck and Brody was not hurt!

  3. new[est] follower. love this post and I love your blog! can't wait to keep following.

    stop by sometime!

  4. Oh this is too cute!

    Lovely picture, thanks for sharing.

    handmade jewelry

  5. O:h m:y wo:rd! Crazy! What a funny story, tho. So glad to be catching up on your blog! I've missed my farm fam! xo

  6. I think every kid growing up on the farm has done this. I know thats why most of our gates had to be replaced. My bad... lol


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