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{second annual harvest party}

Yesterday I threw my second annual harvest party.
I have to say that I was MUCH better at documenting last year...
which is somewhat unfortunate because I thought this years party was much better than last.
Oh well.

My 42 week pregnant friend took some pics also 
(along with slaving away helping me get ready for the party all day), 
so I'll add some of those to this post, when I get my hands on them.

Until then, here are a few to peruse:

One of six pots of chili. BEST. Chili. Ever.


Popcorn Bar.

Cake pops - I made 250. They didn't all fit on the table. I still have 150 left. What the heck?

Tractor piƱata. A big hit. 
One of the little girls told me after she got a big bag full of candy that it was the "best party everrrrrr!"

Brody was showing everyone his "babies".

Little dare devil was taking his tractor up the corn toss ramp and rolling down. 
He had quite the "tuck" strategy on the roll down though, and provided some good entertainment.

My little family.

I would say we had about 100 people show, and everyone had a great time. 
I will be feeding my family chili, popcorn and cake pops for the next 5 weeks... 
I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great week lovelies!!



  1. Wow I am so so impressed! I may have to bring the harvest party idea over to my neck of the woods! Way to go!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Next year, I will finally have the space and means to do so. I'd love to have all my family and friends together for some fall fun!

  2. Such a cute idea! I'm sure it was a great party!

  3. I'm new from Erin's blog!
    But this is such a great idea!! I want to have a Harvest Party. Your little fam is adorable!

  4. Hi! I'm in NY, but somehow found your blog. I coordinated a Harvest Party for our church last year. It was indoors though and we had carnival-type games for the kids and a chili cook-off (dish to pass event). I'm curious about the popcorn....how and when did you make it? Was it stored in bags?
    I love the outdoor idea, but this year our 2nd annual church party is on 10/30 and the weather is too questionable.
    Thanks for letting me know. to respond...Jennifer at georgeawjp@frontiernet.net


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