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{3 reasons I've been MIA}

1. It's sugar beet harvest. 
I'll be sure to do a "farm lesson #2 that you don't care about" blog post real soon for you.
You're welcome.

No, I'm certainly not out there in a truck or tractor busting my tail,
but this wife's gotta get her hard working hubby some snacks and beverages.
It's a hard job.
Plus, the wee one likes to ride around in the beet digger with daddy for quite a long time each day. 
He mostly likes to wave at the truckers as their trucks get filled with beets.
And talk on the radio to whoever will listen.

These are a couple of pics from last year's harvest.
Brody was SO little, and didn't have a mullet!!

2. Harvest party planning.
You may recall the harvest party that I threw last year.
Well, it's happening again. 
Here's a little teaser for you: 

I've already ordered a whole lotta "supplies".
It's going to be off-the-hook awesome.
{That's a good think.}

3. Laziness.
Is that a reason?
Well, it's not a good one anyway.
This colder weather has called for more snuggling and less blogging.
I'll get my priorities straight again real soon.
No worries.

Peace out homie g's.



  1. I think reason number 3 is a reason good enough for someone as busy as you are ^.^

  2. I work with the FSA so thumbs-up for farming! Plus, your Harvest Party sounds super fun! New follower here from Living in Yellow :)


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