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{second annual harvest party}

Yesterday I threw my second annual harvest party.
I have to say that I was MUCH better at documenting last year...
which is somewhat unfortunate because I thought this years party was much better than last.
Oh well.

My 42 week pregnant friend took some pics also 
(along with slaving away helping me get ready for the party all day), 
so I'll add some of those to this post, when I get my hands on them.

Until then, here are a few to peruse:

One of six pots of chili. BEST. Chili. Ever.


Popcorn Bar.

Cake pops - I made 250. They didn't all fit on the table. I still have 150 left. What the heck?

Tractor piƱata. A big hit. 
One of the little girls told me after she got a big bag full of candy that it was the "best party everrrrrr!"

Brody was showing everyone his "babies".

Little dare devil was taking his tractor up the corn toss ramp and rolling down. 
He had quite the "tuck" strategy on the roll down though, and provided some good entertainment.

My little family.

I would say we had about 100 people show, and everyone had a great time. 
I will be feeding my family chili, popcorn and cake pops for the next 5 weeks... 
I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great week lovelies!!



{bye bye mullet}

Saturday morning Brody woke up at 5:00 am.
What the heck, right?
 After breakfast and playing with tractors it was still pitch black outside.
The hubby and I decided it was time... 
the mullet had long overstayed its welcome.

I had been looking into cute kids salons for a week or so, 
but it seemed silly to drive an hour and a half to get to one.
Ryan decided that it would be more special if we did it ourselves anyways.
And that, is exactly what we did.

See for yourselves...

That'll teach Brody to wake up so early. :)

I actually think that he likes his hair better.
AND who wouldn't want to get their hair cut with a bunch of fresh raspberries in front of them!?

I may have shed one tear,
but only one.
And it wasn't for the mullet,
it was only over the fact that my baby is growing up so fast.

ps. I had this post ready to publish on Sunday. It just took my internet 53.65 hours to download the 3 minute video. Ugh.



{when Brody decided to drive... by himself}

So, you may know that we are no strangers to danger here on the farm.
You can just refer to #4 in this post, #4 in this post and this post.

Saturday morning Brody wanted to add to that list.
Ryan took him to go and start a pump... or something.
He left Brody inside the pickup with the heater on because it was freezing. Literally.

As Ryan was working the next thing he knew,
he looked up to see Brody smiling and waving at him through the drivers window as the truck was rolling along.
Brody must have been a little bored and wanted a wee bit more excitement.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem if they were working in a flat field.
But, they weren't.
They were on a decline, with the only two outcomes being running into the canal, OR off of an embankment which my farmer said could have flipped the truck.
Neither of those are good.

Good thing my farmer is quick on his feet.
He's like a gazelle.
He sprinted over to the drivers window and was able to kind of jump in, grab the shifter, and throw it into park.
There was some grinding of gears I guess.
And apparently Brody smashed into the dash.
But all is well.

Ryan made Brody sit on the mainline as he finished working.
Brody was very obedient.

My hubby didn't tell me about this story until a few hours after.
He's a smart man.
I am SO glad nothing worse happened.

Moral of the story?
Don't leave a toddler at the steering wheel of an idling vehicle.
They will gladly put into drive and smile and wave at you on their way to wrecking themselves, and your vehicle.



{that one time I had surgery while pregnant}

Two years ago (almost to the day) I had an appendicitis.
And I was 21 weeks pregnant.

When my stomach started hurting as I was at work, I thought my pants were just too tight.
My awesome hubby even drove the 30 minutes to my school to bring me stretchy unrestricting gauchos.
Obviously that didn't help... because my first pair of pants really weren't too tight.
It was just my appendix, angry at the world.

After some phone calls to my doctors office, I decided not to go home and rest like they told me to.
Not because I'm a rebel, but because I didn't want to go further away from a hospital.
After I suffered through a whole work day with 30 ten year olds though, I did go home.
I thought perhaps it was just stress that had gotten to me...

Just two days before we had gone to the doctors to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.
Obviously, it was a boy :)
However after the ultrasound and exciting news, my doctor came in to tell me that they were concerned about the length of Brody's noses bone.
Party foul.
Apparently a short nose bone is one of the soft signs of Down syndrome.
Long story short, we went directly to a specialist who did another ultrasound and drew some blood.
After looking through all of the other soft signs, they weren't concerned about Down syndrome, plus my blood work came back saying I had a 1/7000 chance of Brody being Downs.

So, yea.  Stress.
I thought that it may have caused me to have the worst stomach ache of my life.
So bad that it hurt to do ANYTHING.
I couldn't lay down, sit, kneel, nothing. 

I made yet another call to the doctors, where they were asking where the pain was centralized. 
It hurt so bad I couldn't really tell, but when I told them it was kind of by my sternum, 
they said it was just reflux. No biggie. 
A nice lady finally told me that I'd know if I had to go into the hospital.
At that point I called my super busy farmer hubby,
who came home to get me and take me to the hospital.

I didn't think I was going to make it. Honestly. 
About half way there I rolled down the window and puked.
{Did I mention the "good" hospital is an hour from our house? It is.}

Luckily, the ER doesn't want much to do with pregnant ladies, 
so they stuck me in a wheel chair and took me straight to labor and delivery.
After some examination and the third ultrasound in 3 days, they realized it was my appendix.
And then they hooked me up with some baby safe drugs. 
One of the top moments of my life was getting those drugs! For real.

They scheduled me for surgery the next day.
To say that I was emotional would be an understatement.
I didn't think that surgery next to my precious baby was a good idea.
Luckily my awesome friend Jenn was there with me before surgery to help calm my nerves. 
Also, my amazing mom {who was here to find out the sex of the babe} hopped back on a plane to come up.
And my hubs, he was great too. :)

Needless to say, surgery went fine.
And morphine was my new best friend.

Pardon the baby belly.
See the three bandaids? That's where the incisions were.
They took my appendix out through my belly button.

So there you have it.
That one time I had surgery while pregnant.
And Brody turned out just fine through all of it.
And he doesn't have Down syndrome either.
AND, I don't miss my appendix one bit.



{3 reasons I've been MIA}

1. It's sugar beet harvest. 
I'll be sure to do a "farm lesson #2 that you don't care about" blog post real soon for you.
You're welcome.

No, I'm certainly not out there in a truck or tractor busting my tail,
but this wife's gotta get her hard working hubby some snacks and beverages.
It's a hard job.
Plus, the wee one likes to ride around in the beet digger with daddy for quite a long time each day. 
He mostly likes to wave at the truckers as their trucks get filled with beets.
And talk on the radio to whoever will listen.

These are a couple of pics from last year's harvest.
Brody was SO little, and didn't have a mullet!!

2. Harvest party planning.
You may recall the harvest party that I threw last year.
Well, it's happening again. 
Here's a little teaser for you: 

I've already ordered a whole lotta "supplies".
It's going to be off-the-hook awesome.
{That's a good think.}

3. Laziness.
Is that a reason?
Well, it's not a good one anyway.
This colder weather has called for more snuggling and less blogging.
I'll get my priorities straight again real soon.
No worries.

Peace out homie g's.

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