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{some fun facts}

1. My farmer hubby planted field corn amongst out sweet corn in the garden.
I bit into it last night after I had buttered and salted it all up.
It's like corn chalk in your mouth.
I feel sorry for the cows that have to eat it.

The three rows on the left... that's sweet corn. Clearly shorter than the field corn....
my hubby thought it may have gotten more sunlight - nope.
Also notice the overcast skies and blowing wind - gag.

2. Brody insists on closing doors after him.
Not sure where he learned it, or why it is a necessity to him.
I always know when he wakes up though... 
he closes his door loudly followed by his little feet running into our bedroom.

3. I'm making a butt-load {that's a lot} of cupcakes for my awesome friend's upcoming baby shower.
Cookie. Dough. Cupcakes.
Probably old news to you?
I'll be writing a nice little post on that real soon.

4. Remember in this post where my hubby almost got his face ripped off?
Well, the other night my baby almost got his face ripped off in a similar same way!
Farm living can be dangerous.
The riser handle jerked up with the pressure of the water and hit him in the mouth.
He was REALLY lucky.
It didn't hit any of his teeth... or his nose... or his head, eyes or throat. 
It got a little bit of his gums and part of his lip.
There were tears, and a swollen lip for like an hour, but he is totally fine.
Plus, he keeps going back to the same riser to "play" with it! 
He is fearless.
Which makes me paranoid...
and a hair more annoying to Brody with my constant redirection.

{He likes to use the handles as steering wheels.}

5. There was recently a sale on sale items at Anthropologie.
Enough said.

Happy Thursday.



  1. I'm excited to find your blog from Hollie's #ff. I love when I get a little peek into a lifestyle so different from my own (although I am a "retired" teacher myself). I look forward to learning more about your life on the farm.

  2. My dad always said that field corn was the best, especially roasted. I've never tried it. I'm here from Hollie's #ff.

  3. your son is the cutest little boy! I also found your blog through Hollie's #FF...looking forward to reading!


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