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{my hubby can see}

My hubby had eye surgery on Friday.
Lasiks. Or intralase. Or something.
Moral of the story... he can see.

On the papers he had to fill out, it said the procedure would take 2-3 hours.
They lied.
The ladies at the office told me he'd be done in less than an hour.
I had grand plans to get some major shopping done, and they were foiled.
But, I was able to cruise through Costco at a new all time record.

Ryan said the surgery was quick and easy.
AND he could see really well immediately after.

No need for these things anymore:

They gave him some rad sunglasses to wear since the sun would bother his eyes. 

He wasn't a fan, and called them his uni-bomber glasses.

I personally think that they looked better than these "sleeping glasses":

He was supposed to take the whole day off to rest.
But instead I chauffeured him around to meet with land owners.

The next morning he had a check-up to make sure that things were still looking good.
Appointment time: SEVEN thirty in the morning... on a Saturday! 
That meant waking up at 5:30 am. 
Luckily Starbucks saved the day.

 The hubby highly recommends getting the surgery done.
If you wear glasses, you should totally look into it.

Cheers to a good week.


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