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{less clothing is better}

It's been pretty cold around these parts in the mornings.
Cold enough that if I go outside
{to do the typical manual labor around the yard}
I wear a jacket. 

Brody doesn't approve.

For some reason, he hates me wearing a jacket.
When we went back inside the other morning,
he was whining and pulling at my sleeve.
When I took the jacket off, he was happy.
That's happened a couple of times since.

Dude, I'm cold. Leave me alone.

Less clothing is better...
so he thinks.

{disclaimer: if baby bum's offend you, don't scroll down}

I wonder where he learned that?

{You pervs think I'm going to post a nudy pic of me or my hubby don't you?
Topless is going to have to do.}

Here are a few more types of nudity Brody likes to sport:

{productive nudity}

{necessary nudity}

{working nudity}


Let's hope he grows out of this...
sooner than later.

Peace out gangstas.



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