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{exciting news}

What's up homies?

This farm has some exciting news.
Babies! {as Brody likes to call them}
Two of them.
One boy. One girl.

A farmer neighbor brought them over on Wednesday night.
Brody is in love.
I still have to take my camera out and snap some pictures of him with the kitties...
He still needs quite a bit of assistance "holding" them though, so I haven't had any free hands :)

There will be more posts coming though I'm sure.
Maybe I can overload you with pictures of him and kitties now,
instead of his tractor.
{Although, this morning, he did want to hold the kitty while sitting on the tractor lawn mower.}

Get excited. 

And now, I have some awesome people and shops to introduce you to....


Rustic Charm, Inc. is a darling Etsy shop!

They carry a lot of home decor, 
and some great vintage pieces.

Here on the farm we have a personal love of burlap. 
My hubby: because they can house potatoes. Me: decor!!
I think that Rustic Charm, Inc. and I are on the same page.
This wreath is just too cute.

And these hearts...
I think I'm in love.

Go and check out Rustic Charm, Inc. and get your shop on!


Not only is she the funniest blogger I know, 
she also happens to be my real life friend.
She's also pretty.
And a farmer's wife.
{I mean we're practically twins. Kidding.}

Her farmer grow things, and so does she.
She's been growing a baby for the past 35 weeks.

And like that's not enough....
and makes some pretty amazing food.

{aren't they the cutest?}

Enough said.
Head on over to her blog and follow along. You won't regret it.


Pinky's Workbench sells some pretty rad stuff.
I particularly like the jewelry.

Here are just a couple of things I've got my eye on:

Adorable. Right? Right.

Here is a little quote from Adela, the owner:

"A great amount of time and care is always used when I'm completing an order for my customers, and everything from beginning to end is done by me. No two pieces will be exactly the same. This only adds charm to your item, making it uniquely yours. You'll also find some jewelry here that is one of kind!"

Now, that's the type of thing I like to see when purchasing some goods. 
Go and check out her site, and drop some dolla's.


Ok loves, you've got your work cut out for you.
One blog and two shops to visit. 

Have yourselves an amazing weekend.

Peace out.

ps. if you'd like for me to write a little diddy on you or your shop, send me and email and I'll 
give you the dets. {farmerswifeamy@gmail.com}



  1. i love it. i love it all. especially the compliments...and that necklace.

  2. Such cute kittens! These shops look great, not for my bank account though :( Can't wait to check them out!

  3. Beautiful...love it, and the pictures are just wonderful!

  4. burlap is my current decorating love! i'm excited to check out that shop.

  5. Congrats on the kitties! And I love that rustic heart frame! So cool!

    The Mrs. and The Momma


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