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{a bullet, an obese lady & some poop}

We're home. 
But not without a little excitement in my life.
Let me break down my travel experience yesterday for you all...

Brody and I had just gotten to airport security. 
I took him out of the backpack and sent all of our things through the scanner.
Brody got a glimpse of some of his food, and HAD to have it.
Of course he couldn't because it was going through the scanner.
That meant tears. Lots of them.

Finally, they came out the other end and I quickly opened up a fruit pouch for him, 
while I started gathering our things.
One of the airport workers grabbed the backpack Brody had been in, and asked if it was mine.
Obviously it was.
I was pretty confused as to what the issue might be, 
because I had only packed diapers in the back of it.

As I was finishing putting my shoes on, another TSA worker had come over.
I over heard her ask, "are you sure that's what it is?"
To which the guy responded, "yes!"
Me, in my brain, "wtf?"

As I went over, they proceeded to pull a bullet out of the backpack.
Yes, a freaking bullet. At airport security.
Thanks hubby.

Last time we had used the backpack was when we took it hiking up into the mountains.
According to my hubby, when you're in the wilderness you need protection.
Bears. Mountain Lions. Wolves. 
Don't worry, we never had to use it.

As you can imagine, a bullet at airport security doesn't go over real well.
Pretty soon a cop was there too.
They had to file reports, take pictures, etc, etc.
Oh, and my child was still grouchy.

Thirty minutes later I start hearing over the loud speaker that it was the final boarding call for my flight to Boise. 
I informed the nice airport people that this was the case, but they didn't seem to care much.
They were too busy checking my non-existent criminal record.

Pretty soon, it was my name that was being called over the loud speaker,
telling me that this was my last chance. 
Security finally cleared me, and handed me the backpack, my boarding pass and license.
There was NO time to put any of these things in the appropriate places, so with my hands FULL,
I ran down to my gate.
And I barely made it.
No seriously, I thought I was going to pass out.

Walking in late to the very back of a plane that is already full
is like the walk of shame.
Oh, and it just gets worse....

As I get to my seats, 
{I had the nice lady that printed out my boarding pass block out the seat next to me since it wasn't a completely full flight}
 there is only one seat.
I must have looked kind of confused, and the lady sitting there asked where I was.
I told her in row 19.
She responded with, "oh, well, if it's ok with you I'll just stay here."
{Mind you, there was an empty seat behind her.}
To which I should have responded, "um, NO, that's not ok with me. Move to YOUR seat."
But instead my flustered self responded with, "that's up to you... he's really wiggly {pointing to Brody}"
She didn't move.
Oh, and did I mention that this lady who was in my seat was obese!? 
Well, she was. 
And stinky.
So instead of having two seats for Brody and I, we had 1/2 of a seat.
Wait... it's not over yet....

Brody get's a million gold stars for being the best flying toddler around,
he was truly amazing. 
However... he did decide mid-flight to poop himself! Ugh.

I asked the very nice flight attendant {whom Brody had been flirting with}
if there was an ideal place to change his diaper.
This just happened to be one of the newer planes with a changing table.
Lucky us.
Uh, I actually wouldn't really call it a changing table.
Airplane bathrooms are small enough as it is,
and this "changing table" was about 20 inches long.
Oh, and there was turbulence. 
We got the job done though,
and walked back to our belching obese seat mate.

To say that I was happy to get home, is an understatement.
Brody was more than excited to see his daddy too.

And it's sugar beet harvest. Hollerrrr.

ps. if you haven't entered the September group giveaway, get on it.



{giveaway time}

The bro-man and I are leaving for the golden state today.
Cali. Obviously.
Needless to say, I've been a wee bit busy.

It's my ten year high school reunion this weekend.
So I've been working out and primping.
Although I probably should have been.

Lucky for you guys, 
we've got an awesome giveaway happening.
Take a look for yourselves:

I told you it was awesome. 
These sponsors are pretty fab.

 Now go ahead and get your buns entered!

Good luck and peace out home-dawgs.


{exciting news}

What's up homies?

This farm has some exciting news.
Babies! {as Brody likes to call them}
Two of them.
One boy. One girl.

A farmer neighbor brought them over on Wednesday night.
Brody is in love.
I still have to take my camera out and snap some pictures of him with the kitties...
He still needs quite a bit of assistance "holding" them though, so I haven't had any free hands :)

There will be more posts coming though I'm sure.
Maybe I can overload you with pictures of him and kitties now,
instead of his tractor.
{Although, this morning, he did want to hold the kitty while sitting on the tractor lawn mower.}

Get excited. 

And now, I have some awesome people and shops to introduce you to....


Rustic Charm, Inc. is a darling Etsy shop!

They carry a lot of home decor, 
and some great vintage pieces.

Here on the farm we have a personal love of burlap. 
My hubby: because they can house potatoes. Me: decor!!
I think that Rustic Charm, Inc. and I are on the same page.
This wreath is just too cute.

And these hearts...
I think I'm in love.

Go and check out Rustic Charm, Inc. and get your shop on!


Not only is she the funniest blogger I know, 
she also happens to be my real life friend.
She's also pretty.
And a farmer's wife.
{I mean we're practically twins. Kidding.}

Her farmer grow things, and so does she.
She's been growing a baby for the past 35 weeks.

And like that's not enough....
and makes some pretty amazing food.

{aren't they the cutest?}

Enough said.
Head on over to her blog and follow along. You won't regret it.


Pinky's Workbench sells some pretty rad stuff.
I particularly like the jewelry.

Here are just a couple of things I've got my eye on:

Adorable. Right? Right.

Here is a little quote from Adela, the owner:

"A great amount of time and care is always used when I'm completing an order for my customers, and everything from beginning to end is done by me. No two pieces will be exactly the same. This only adds charm to your item, making it uniquely yours. You'll also find some jewelry here that is one of kind!"

Now, that's the type of thing I like to see when purchasing some goods. 
Go and check out her site, and drop some dolla's.


Ok loves, you've got your work cut out for you.
One blog and two shops to visit. 

Have yourselves an amazing weekend.

Peace out.

ps. if you'd like for me to write a little diddy on you or your shop, send me and email and I'll 
give you the dets. {farmerswifeamy@gmail.com}



{cookie dough cupcakes}

Isn't that the cutest cupcake you've ever seen!?
And they taste better than they look... not to toot my own horn or anything.

They are SUPER easy to make,
which might be a bad thing....
cause I'm pretty sure they're not healthy for you.

Here's how it's done:

1. Make a batch of cookies. 
I used the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag.
I recommend using mini chocolate chips.
Also, instead of using eggs, substitute 2 tablespoons of milk per egg - no risk of salmonella. :)

2. Roll the dough into balls about one inch wide. 
Place onto a cookie sheet narrow enough to fit into the freezer.
If they are too small they will cook inside of the cupcake, which is no bueno.

3. Keep rolling until you are out of dough.
Place cookie sheet into the freezer to freeze the dough for at least 2 hours.
DON'T skip this step!!

I made mine a couple of days before hand because I had some spare time.
If you'd like to do this, I recommend placing the dough balls into a ziploc bag after about two hours in the freezer.

4. When you are ready to make the cupcakes, pull out your favorite box of cake mix.
Follow instructions on the box for making batter.

5. Fill liners about 2/3 full of batter.

6. Place frozen cookie dough on top of the batter.
There is no need to press down, it'll work it's magic all on it's own.

7. Bake at 350 degrees for 16 minutes. If you bake them for too long, the cookie will start to bake. 
They are much better doughy, like so: 


I didn't get a picture of the cupcake cut with the frosting on it, but you get the idea.

- one package instant pudding mix {vanilla or chocolate}
- half of the amount of milk pudding box calls for {was one cup on package I used}
- one regular size container of cool whip

Mix pudding and half of the milk the box calls for together in the kitchen aid.
Add in cool whip.
Whip together for a couple of minutes until desired consistency.

Plop on top of cupcakes, add some mini choco chips and a cute little cookie.
A cupcake topper doesn't hurt either :)

I made these for some friends bebe shower/housewarming/30th b-day party.

The party was a hit. 
I mean, we made mason jar veggie cups for goodness sakes!

Here are a few other snippets of fabulousness that took place:

{chili galore}

{a very well laid out cheese and cracker tray :)}


{the lovely hostess/baby carrier}



{my hubby can see}

My hubby had eye surgery on Friday.
Lasiks. Or intralase. Or something.
Moral of the story... he can see.

On the papers he had to fill out, it said the procedure would take 2-3 hours.
They lied.
The ladies at the office told me he'd be done in less than an hour.
I had grand plans to get some major shopping done, and they were foiled.
But, I was able to cruise through Costco at a new all time record.

Ryan said the surgery was quick and easy.
AND he could see really well immediately after.

No need for these things anymore:

They gave him some rad sunglasses to wear since the sun would bother his eyes. 

He wasn't a fan, and called them his uni-bomber glasses.

I personally think that they looked better than these "sleeping glasses":

He was supposed to take the whole day off to rest.
But instead I chauffeured him around to meet with land owners.

The next morning he had a check-up to make sure that things were still looking good.
Appointment time: SEVEN thirty in the morning... on a Saturday! 
That meant waking up at 5:30 am. 
Luckily Starbucks saved the day.

 The hubby highly recommends getting the surgery done.
If you wear glasses, you should totally look into it.

Cheers to a good week.



{some fun facts}

1. My farmer hubby planted field corn amongst out sweet corn in the garden.
I bit into it last night after I had buttered and salted it all up.
It's like corn chalk in your mouth.
I feel sorry for the cows that have to eat it.

The three rows on the left... that's sweet corn. Clearly shorter than the field corn....
my hubby thought it may have gotten more sunlight - nope.
Also notice the overcast skies and blowing wind - gag.

2. Brody insists on closing doors after him.
Not sure where he learned it, or why it is a necessity to him.
I always know when he wakes up though... 
he closes his door loudly followed by his little feet running into our bedroom.

3. I'm making a butt-load {that's a lot} of cupcakes for my awesome friend's upcoming baby shower.
Cookie. Dough. Cupcakes.
Probably old news to you?
I'll be writing a nice little post on that real soon.

4. Remember in this post where my hubby almost got his face ripped off?
Well, the other night my baby almost got his face ripped off in a similar same way!
Farm living can be dangerous.
The riser handle jerked up with the pressure of the water and hit him in the mouth.
He was REALLY lucky.
It didn't hit any of his teeth... or his nose... or his head, eyes or throat. 
It got a little bit of his gums and part of his lip.
There were tears, and a swollen lip for like an hour, but he is totally fine.
Plus, he keeps going back to the same riser to "play" with it! 
He is fearless.
Which makes me paranoid...
and a hair more annoying to Brody with my constant redirection.

{He likes to use the handles as steering wheels.}

5. There was recently a sale on sale items at Anthropologie.
Enough said.

Happy Thursday.

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