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{thank you}

Thank you...

...tractors, of all kinds, for keeping my mini farmer happy and entertained.

...in advance nurses, for not making my baby scream at his doctors appointment today. Pretty please?

...sprite. You make my world go round.

...hubby for working your buns off all hours of the day/night for our family... even when you have the stomach bug {He is much more hardcore than me... I shipped off the kid (thank you grandma) and laid in bed all day - he woke up at four am, grabbed some toilet paper and headed out the door. Hard. Core.}

...insomnia. Kidding. I don't actually like you.

...blog readers. You really rock my socks.

...scary man at the restaurant the other night, for teaching my child about "stranger danger". You really tried to be friends with him but that gruff voice freaked him out. I don't think that Brody will ever want to play with a frisbee again. Btw, your pocket knife... it looked like a machete. 

...weekend. I plan on spending some quality time with my little family over you.

All this thanking really makes me want to say "your welcome", so...

...you are oh-so welcome for the fabulous giveaway going on for a few more days. If you are looking for some free advertising for your blog... go get entered!

1 comment:

  1. Great thank you's! Why do creepy people always try and talk to babies? I never understand why they must scare the children like that! Have a great weekend!


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