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{high hopes}

I had high hopes today.
Of getting some new super cute shots of my babe up on the blog.

But, that's not happening.
{Thank you stomach bug.}
That would require me to actually be vertical for more than five minutes.
Minus the walking from the bath tub, to the toilet, to the couch, to the bed... vertical isn't happening.
I'm actually lying in bed writing this from my phone.
I love you technology.

I shipped off Brody to grandmas house, hoping we could keep him from catching it.
It literally feels like death.
{Like I know what that feels like? Nope. But I can imagine!}

If you have any good home remedies, PLEASE send them my way.

On a positive note, only drinking water and sprite is like an instant diet. 

More good news... there is an awesome giveaway here tomorrow.
I'll be seeing you then.

Stay healthy love bugs.


  1. I hope you start feeling well soon!

  2. Aww feel better! Ginger Ale i know can help! Stay hydrated and eat bland foods and maybe even some popsicles ;)

    Andie xo
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  3. I always find plain chips/crisps help...something about the saltiness of them which seems to calm a stomach...


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