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{high five}

Who's happy it's Friday?
Everyday is like Friday for me, booyah!
But I still have some high five worthy info for y'all.

1. Good friends taking us to a Counting Crows concert. 
It was alright. 

KIDDING. It was amazing. 
We got to sit on our "farm blankets", eat a picnic, and listen to some good mu-sac.
Plus, I learned some really rad dance moves from some 50 year olds.

2. Today is the last day of "Mommy and Me" swim lessons with Brody. 
This is good because my child will no longer be consuming high doses of chlorine... he literally drinks the pool water... who needs to blow bubbles in it when you can drink the stuff!?

3. Cucumbers.
You heard me right.
Loads of them, pouring out of my garden. 

4. My hubby almost got his face ripped off.
Why does this deserve a high five?
Because he didn't get his face ripped off.
Let me explain... 
While my farmer was going to turn off a water valve, it broke. 
There's a whole lot of pressure sitting behind one of those valves... 
It blew the riser up {pardon the technical farm lingo... just think of a big piece of metal with a turn handle on it}, slammed into my hubby, picked him up off of the ground and threw him back a few feet onto his back. 
Imagine a fire hydrant blowing up in your face. 
Yes, that's what happened to him. 
Luckily the riser hit his arm, and not his handsome face. 

He knows of someone who wasn't as fortunate as him, who really did get their face ripped off during the same scenario. 
This farming biz is enough to stress a woman out.

5. My hubby's sister and her precious family are coming to le farm for a week. Woot woot.
Brody is pretty excited to play with his cousin Caleb.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies. 
Have. Some. Fun.




  1. Oh I'll give a high five for those! (***) Yea, dawg! So looks like things on the farm are going well as uszh (short for usual). I miss your face! Let's get together soon! LOVE you all. xoxo

  2. counting crows are, hands down, my favorite. they are the band that i have loved since i bought my first cd and continue to listen to them now. after admitting that im such a fan, im sad to say, i didnt know they were touring. must.visit.their.site.now. to see if they are coming to a city near me :)

    happy weekend!!!

  3. Chlorine is an important source of nutrients for toddlers... I'm surprised you didn't know that. If you aren't going to let Brady drink from the pool, you should at least let him eat some dirt or something.

  4. the swimming lessons sound so fun! he is so cute!

    Have a great week ahead! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  5. Hello Amy,

    I decided to follow your blog because I am doing Big Love's Therapy Blog hop. Also you make me laugh. Check out my blog too, if you want.



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