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{eighteen months}

My baby turns 18 months old today...
but it feels like 18 years!
I thought I'd be the only person in the world to disagree with the "they grow up SO fast" statement.
BUT there is a reason everyone in the world says that...
it's TRUE.

I was worried a couple months back that he wouldn't reach his 8 words by 18 months milestone the doctor set.
I'm pretty sure that he's there...he won't shut-up lately!
He's also got his animal sounds down...kind of:

FYI, his very first word was tractor... pronounced tac-to.
Imagine that.

In honor of his one and half birthday,
we had a photoshoot.

I realize that these pictures look very similar to the other photoshoots we've had... that's because they ALL have his tractors in them too. This is just what my baby farmer does when he's outside :)

 Anyone else sobbing at how fast he's growing up?
Didn't think so.
But isn't he cute!?



  1. These are great, Amy! Happy 18 months to him!!!!

  2. You have a cutie! Mine is two, and its amazing the amount of words they pick up from 18 mo to 24 mo. Love the pics!


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