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{don't ask}

Over the past week my hubby has been throwing the pillows from the bed
in front of the bathroom door... 
So when I come out of the bathroom to get into bed,
they are all right there waiting for me.

I think that he does this as a revolt against the amount of unused or "unnecessary" pillows.

And because he thinks it is funny.

WELL, last night I made sure that I was the first to bed, and I created a masterpiece.
See for yourselves.

I was quite pleased with myself so I had to video my hubby's reaction.
He was clearly way more concerned about getting some deodorant.

Don't ask me why I think this is SO funny.
But I do.

Might I add...
my pillow tower was completely structurally sound.
Ryan snuck around it to avoid putting them where they actually belong,
and they stayed like this until morning.


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  1. hilarious! It's the little wars in life that keep marriage fun! haha!

  2. i'm not positive what ryan was saying, but that was funny. it makes me wish we had a door from our bedroom to the bathroom.


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