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{don't ask}

Over the past week my hubby has been throwing the pillows from the bed
in front of the bathroom door... 
So when I come out of the bathroom to get into bed,
they are all right there waiting for me.

I think that he does this as a revolt against the amount of unused or "unnecessary" pillows.

And because he thinks it is funny.

WELL, last night I made sure that I was the first to bed, and I created a masterpiece.
See for yourselves.

I was quite pleased with myself so I had to video my hubby's reaction.
He was clearly way more concerned about getting some deodorant.

Don't ask me why I think this is SO funny.
But I do.

Might I add...
my pillow tower was completely structurally sound.
Ryan snuck around it to avoid putting them where they actually belong,
and they stayed like this until morning.


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top: gap | pants: anthropologie | shoes: toms

I finally bit the bullet and bought some floral pants.
They were on sale... at anthro... otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it.

I got a little loco and did some pattern mixing too.

What do you say, yay or nay?

I have to admit, I'm already getting excited for cooler weather and fall attire.



{highchair revisited}

Remember that DIY highchair I made?
We used it at my in-laws recently while Ryan's sister and her family were down...
and when we brought it back home, it just so happened to be in the perfect location for some pics.

{his "lizard" impression}

This kid keeps getting cuter.
And that mullet keeps getting longer!

Cheers to a happy week.


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{thank you}

Thank you...

...tractors, of all kinds, for keeping my mini farmer happy and entertained.

...in advance nurses, for not making my baby scream at his doctors appointment today. Pretty please?

...sprite. You make my world go round.

...hubby for working your buns off all hours of the day/night for our family... even when you have the stomach bug {He is much more hardcore than me... I shipped off the kid (thank you grandma) and laid in bed all day - he woke up at four am, grabbed some toilet paper and headed out the door. Hard. Core.}

...insomnia. Kidding. I don't actually like you.

...blog readers. You really rock my socks.

...scary man at the restaurant the other night, for teaching my child about "stranger danger". You really tried to be friends with him but that gruff voice freaked him out. I don't think that Brody will ever want to play with a frisbee again. Btw, your pocket knife... it looked like a machete. 

...weekend. I plan on spending some quality time with my little family over you.

All this thanking really makes me want to say "your welcome", so...

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{group giveaway}

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Good luck tootsies.

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{high hopes}

I had high hopes today.
Of getting some new super cute shots of my babe up on the blog.

But, that's not happening.
{Thank you stomach bug.}
That would require me to actually be vertical for more than five minutes.
Minus the walking from the bath tub, to the toilet, to the couch, to the bed... vertical isn't happening.
I'm actually lying in bed writing this from my phone.
I love you technology.

I shipped off Brody to grandmas house, hoping we could keep him from catching it.
It literally feels like death.
{Like I know what that feels like? Nope. But I can imagine!}

If you have any good home remedies, PLEASE send them my way.

On a positive note, only drinking water and sprite is like an instant diet. 

More good news... there is an awesome giveaway here tomorrow.
I'll be seeing you then.

Stay healthy love bugs.


{camping amongst wildfires}

This last week we took a little camping trip.
We left on what would have been my first day of school... if I was still teaching.
I felt like a rebel.

We had originally planned to go to the Trinity's to camp. 
But they are burning down.
I think as of this last weekend the fire was maybe 5% contained. Yikes.

 Yellowstone was an option also, but it was a ways away and also had some fires.

We decided on Stanley... which is just past Sun Valley. 
As you can see, it wasn't free of fires either:

But we went for it.
We stayed at a lovely lake that was about an hours drive from the fire... and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.

The fires may or may not have affected us though:

The boys did A LOT of fishing. They were determined to catch us dinner for at least one night while we were there.
It was a good thing that we brought food for every meal however, or else we would have starved.
Bless their hearts... they sure did try. 
It took up most of their time.
Brody's time was taken up by farming still.

The cousins had a real REAL fun time throwing rocks into the water. 

Here are some other little snapshots of the trip:

{cousin Caleb - he's dancing, not pooping}

{drowning his sorrows about the lack of fish to eat}

{still going strong... still no fish}

{Auntie Andrea with the boys}

{campfire coffee}


{letting himself into the tent}

{chopping wood}

{Lake Alturas}


{My boys... poor Brody's eyes were all puffy after camp sleeping, wonder where he gets that from?...}


We had a great time {minus cousin Caleb... he spent the last day barfing}.

Our first family camp trip was all in all a success though.
It reminded me how much I like my bed.
AND my shower.

Peace out homies.
Have yourselves a wonderful week!

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