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{yo mama}

{Top: Gap, Jeans: AG, Freckles: My Mama}

Today I am hopping on a plane with my little mister and heading down to California. 
It's going to be good to see my mom again - especially since she's improved quite a bit since the last time I was there. 
It is however the first time flying solo with the babe since he's been mobile. Wish me luck.

In other news, this little blog is getting a face-lift. Woot woot!
There are going to be some changes happening around these parts this week.

Stay tuned.

Peace out homies.



  1. You look gorgeous! Hope the flight goes well and the visit is wonderful, Amy.

  2. Have a great flight, and I hope the little one behaves himself. lol

  3. hope your flight went well, I've never been on a plane but I can't imagine flying with a little one too!


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