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High five for Friday.

1. First and foremost, check out my new blog design! 

The amazing Melissa, from Melissa Rose Designs, made it.
And I LOVE it. Simple as that. Up top!

2. I am accepting sponsors for the first time! 
It's gonna be a happening place around here.
Click here to get all of the dets.
AND just because I love y'all, I'm going to start things out with a bang...
25% off for the first month. Just enter the code August25 at checkout. 
Down low.

3. I got to spend a few days down in Cali visiting my parents.
My mom is recovering slowly, but is doing really well {considering}.
She, in essence, has no short term memory as of now, and still gets confused about details from the past.
Since the last time I saw her however, she is doing 100 times better.
AND she's alive - a million high fives for that one.

4. I flew home from California yesterday.
Brody slept on the entire flight. 
Three cheers for a good flying babe.
I get tired of all of the nasty glares as we board the plane,
and of course as soon as we land a flood of praises come our way, saying how great he did!
Thank heaven for tractor magazines.

5. Tomorrow is my GOLDEN birthday. That's right, turning 28 on the 28th.
{Brody's getting into the high fives over here.}
This was sitting on the counter for me when I walked into the house yesterday:

Isn't the wrapping superb!? He couldn't find any wrapping paper or tape... so newspaper and animal print duct tape came to the rescue.
In case you're wondering what he got me... it was Photoshop! Woot woot. 
I've been wanting it for some time now, but couldn't bite the bullet and buy it for myself.
I'm SO excited to start relearning all of the fun stuff I once knew.

I'll be reporting in next week on all of the birthday festivities. 

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend lovelies.




  1. Happy Early Birthday! My little guy turns 15 months tomorrow, can't wait!
    I have been wanting photoshop forever but I can't bring myself to spend the money either =[ Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday and glad to hear the continued good news about your Mom :)

  3. what does that say at the bottom? "mostly this is from your..."???

  4. Aww love your lil man!

  5. That is great about your flight. I have a 9 month old and her first flight to Cali she did great. I just hope when we go back for the holidays she does as well. I think I will have to bring ear plugs and chocolates for those sitting around us.

  6. Great post! I love your blog and I'm your newest follower! hope you can check me out as well! : )


  7. It's my first time here on your blog and the very first thing I thought before reading one word was, "I love her blog design!" So much fun!

  8. your blog is so cute.. love the new design! found you through follow friday and following you now! :)


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