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{burn one down}

It was a typical day on the farm.
Wake up, comb the mullet, eat breakfast, play in the truck.

We went along with my farmer so he could grab another truck at a field about 20 minutes away. Brody and I were a ways in front of him on the way home. The weather was forecasting some thunder showers, but really all we got was lightening showers. When I drove into our valley I saw this right across the street from our house in our range ground:

Stupid lightening started some blazes.

I called my hubs to inform him of this.

My farmer rushed home, exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount. 
He hopped in a tractor, slapped a disk on {sounds easy right?} and drove out into this:

That's enough to make me {Queen Worrier of the Universe} a little on edge.
Plus the wind decided to start up real fierce like.

Here are some things that made me feel slightly better:

1. He had cell phone service, which around these parts is a rarity.

2. He sent me this picture...

...at least the flames weren't towering above the tractor like my over active imagination figured.

3. He had "back-up":

This "hawk", if you will, came right by our house to grab some water. 
{I snapped these shots from my yard.}
Behind that green field on the hill is the Snake River. 
He filled up, and was on his way to help my farmer... and the rest of the crew fighting this bad boy.

Out here in the country, occurrences such as these bring peeps out of the woodwork. 
"Neighbors" get to catch up quickly and make sure everyone is safe.

Note: fire and wheat fields don't mix.
Nor do fires and our cows range ground... about half of that was sizzled right up.

The good news is, no one was hurt and the fire is out.

Dear lightening... please stay away.


  1. Lighting, so beautiful, yet destructive. Nature does what it wants, glad everyone is safe.

  2. The lightning has been doing a number on these dry fields and farmland around here. It's horrible. Pray for rain!


  3. i am so happy to hear that no one was hurt and the fire is out. :)

    <3, Mimi
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