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Brody was pretty excited about the rodeo.
I mean, just look at my little cowboy:

We headed to the rodeo with some of the best pals around. 
We have quite a bit in common really.
Both of the guys are farmers. 
They married some smokin' hot blogger gals. 
And we each have a ridiculously cute kid... one is still being cooked, but believe me, it's gonna be cute!

Let me just sum up the night real quick...
I ate fresh hot mini donuts like it was my job. 

Holy deliciousness. 

There were quite a few other highlights of the evening as well. 
Like this:

Lots of them.
And pink pants {right hand side}.
There were also a lot of mullets, surprisingly.
Brody fit right in.

We bought seats right above the bucking chutes. It was pretty amazing. Almost as amazing as the following things...

1. Brody moo-ing.

2. A nutritious dinner.

3. Winking cowboys.

4. Those darling little tikes holding onto these sheep like their lives depend on it.

5. Creepy-skeleton looking-talented-stunt-night riders. I think that's their official name.

{I took all of the pics from my phone, so they are nice and blurry for you.}

And just in case you didn't know... these cowboys are hardcore: 

And so are these smiles:

To top off the night they had a nice little heartfelt story about raising up the young to be stars/famous. 
Or something like that....
They turned the lights off in the whole place and had a spot light on this limo that drove into the arena. 
First a young kid got out and his rodeo all-star dad rode up on his horse to get him and "raise him up".
And then a baby horse gets out of the limo - yea - a baby flippin' HORSE.
The mama horse then trotted over to get it, etc.
You had to be there. It was a pull on the heart strings type of moment. You know the kind.

We decided that we needed to start reenacting this scene at opportune times, so don't worry, finding a limo and a baby horse are in the works. 
Brody is already excited about getting kicked in the face by a baby horse inside of a limo.


  1. Brody is the most handsome cowboy I have ever seen!! Looks like you had fun!

  2. Oooh, I love a good rodeo. Especially the mutton bustin'! Your little cowboy is awfully cute!

  3. We loved the Bro-deo too!!! Thank you oh so much!!

  4. Brady is WAY too cute in his cowboy getup. :)

  5. You all look like you are having a blast. I love Brody as the cowboy with his John Deere!


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