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{up top}

High five for Friday.

1. First and foremost, check out my new blog design! 

The amazing Melissa, from Melissa Rose Designs, made it.
And I LOVE it. Simple as that. Up top!

2. I am accepting sponsors for the first time! 
It's gonna be a happening place around here.
Click here to get all of the dets.
AND just because I love y'all, I'm going to start things out with a bang...
25% off for the first month. Just enter the code August25 at checkout. 
Down low.

3. I got to spend a few days down in Cali visiting my parents.
My mom is recovering slowly, but is doing really well {considering}.
She, in essence, has no short term memory as of now, and still gets confused about details from the past.
Since the last time I saw her however, she is doing 100 times better.
AND she's alive - a million high fives for that one.

4. I flew home from California yesterday.
Brody slept on the entire flight. 
Three cheers for a good flying babe.
I get tired of all of the nasty glares as we board the plane,
and of course as soon as we land a flood of praises come our way, saying how great he did!
Thank heaven for tractor magazines.

5. Tomorrow is my GOLDEN birthday. That's right, turning 28 on the 28th.
{Brody's getting into the high fives over here.}
This was sitting on the counter for me when I walked into the house yesterday:

Isn't the wrapping superb!? He couldn't find any wrapping paper or tape... so newspaper and animal print duct tape came to the rescue.
In case you're wondering what he got me... it was Photoshop! Woot woot. 
I've been wanting it for some time now, but couldn't bite the bullet and buy it for myself.
I'm SO excited to start relearning all of the fun stuff I once knew.

I'll be reporting in next week on all of the birthday festivities. 

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend lovelies.




{yo mama}

{Top: Gap, Jeans: AG, Freckles: My Mama}

Today I am hopping on a plane with my little mister and heading down to California. 
It's going to be good to see my mom again - especially since she's improved quite a bit since the last time I was there. 
It is however the first time flying solo with the babe since he's been mobile. Wish me luck.

In other news, this little blog is getting a face-lift. Woot woot!
There are going to be some changes happening around these parts this week.

Stay tuned.

Peace out homies.




Brody was pretty excited about the rodeo.
I mean, just look at my little cowboy:

We headed to the rodeo with some of the best pals around. 
We have quite a bit in common really.
Both of the guys are farmers. 
They married some smokin' hot blogger gals. 
And we each have a ridiculously cute kid... one is still being cooked, but believe me, it's gonna be cute!

Let me just sum up the night real quick...
I ate fresh hot mini donuts like it was my job. 

Holy deliciousness. 

There were quite a few other highlights of the evening as well. 
Like this:

Lots of them.
And pink pants {right hand side}.
There were also a lot of mullets, surprisingly.
Brody fit right in.

We bought seats right above the bucking chutes. It was pretty amazing. Almost as amazing as the following things...

1. Brody moo-ing.

2. A nutritious dinner.

3. Winking cowboys.

4. Those darling little tikes holding onto these sheep like their lives depend on it.

5. Creepy-skeleton looking-talented-stunt-night riders. I think that's their official name.

{I took all of the pics from my phone, so they are nice and blurry for you.}

And just in case you didn't know... these cowboys are hardcore: 

And so are these smiles:

To top off the night they had a nice little heartfelt story about raising up the young to be stars/famous. 
Or something like that....
They turned the lights off in the whole place and had a spot light on this limo that drove into the arena. 
First a young kid got out and his rodeo all-star dad rode up on his horse to get him and "raise him up".
And then a baby horse gets out of the limo - yea - a baby flippin' HORSE.
The mama horse then trotted over to get it, etc.
You had to be there. It was a pull on the heart strings type of moment. You know the kind.

We decided that we needed to start reenacting this scene at opportune times, so don't worry, finding a limo and a baby horse are in the works. 
Brody is already excited about getting kicked in the face by a baby horse inside of a limo.


{picnic time}

We had ourselves a little family picnic the other night. 
I mean, what is more fun than a family picnic!?
The answer = shopping. 
This was right up there though.

My boys were outside playing some tennis, aka throwing tennis balls.
It was such a nice evening that I decided to whip up a quick picnic meal:
pigs in a blanket, sauteed zucchini, and watermelon.

According to "daddy's" actions all table manners fly out the window when you are having a picnic. Brody gladly obliged.

{Don't worry, he totally peed through his diaper in the middle of the night.}

Brody would be one happy little farmer if every meal was eaten like this: take a bite of watermelon, push your tractor, get a drive by bite of bread, drive your tractor, throw some tennis balls, drink a gallon of water.

 We are headed to the ro-day-o... rodeo... tonight. 
We'll probably be buying a sheep soon so Brody can learn how to mutton bust.
Get excited for a post on that coming soon.


{burn one down}

It was a typical day on the farm.
Wake up, comb the mullet, eat breakfast, play in the truck.

We went along with my farmer so he could grab another truck at a field about 20 minutes away. Brody and I were a ways in front of him on the way home. The weather was forecasting some thunder showers, but really all we got was lightening showers. When I drove into our valley I saw this right across the street from our house in our range ground:

Stupid lightening started some blazes.

I called my hubs to inform him of this.

My farmer rushed home, exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount. 
He hopped in a tractor, slapped a disk on {sounds easy right?} and drove out into this:

That's enough to make me {Queen Worrier of the Universe} a little on edge.
Plus the wind decided to start up real fierce like.

Here are some things that made me feel slightly better:

1. He had cell phone service, which around these parts is a rarity.

2. He sent me this picture...

...at least the flames weren't towering above the tractor like my over active imagination figured.

3. He had "back-up":

This "hawk", if you will, came right by our house to grab some water. 
{I snapped these shots from my yard.}
Behind that green field on the hill is the Snake River. 
He filled up, and was on his way to help my farmer... and the rest of the crew fighting this bad boy.

Out here in the country, occurrences such as these bring peeps out of the woodwork. 
"Neighbors" get to catch up quickly and make sure everyone is safe.

Note: fire and wheat fields don't mix.
Nor do fires and our cows range ground... about half of that was sizzled right up.

The good news is, no one was hurt and the fire is out.

Dear lightening... please stay away.

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