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{hey there tiger, thanks for not mauling my face off}

For our anniversary we went to the zoo. 
Romantic right? Maybe not, but we {aka Brody} had fun.

The VERY first thing that happened in the zoo, was this ice cream cone. They split it... kind of... while watching the monkeys. 

Brody's favorite toy animals are giraffes...

... I think he was a little surprised to see a real life giraffe walking around. :)

I am one lucky mamma.


For some reason he didn't love walking by himself. Maybe something about being eye level with HUGE wild animals?

Hey there tiger, thank you for not mauling my face off.

This animal didn't seem very threatening to him I guess. Little did he know she would have bit his finger off if he had a tasty little morsel in his hand! Vicious.

Poor poor llama. Some dental work is definitely in order.

Holy huge anteater! It's roomy was a wolf. Hmm.

Look mommy!

And there's always a little time for a little photo sesh:

After the zoo we went to Costco, and then out to dinner. 
Not the most fairy-tale 5th year anni date, but perfect nonetheless.

Oh how I love my boys! 


  1. this is SO precious!!!!
    brody is adorable!
    and your fit is super cute!
    the zoo is one of my favorite places.
    think i'll put that on my top 21 dates for summer lol.

  2. Anniversaries kind of change after you have kiddos don't they? haha

    My hubby and I celebrate our 10 year anni next month. I have no idea what we'll be doing to celebrate but I know one thing is for sure our daughter will probably be with us. ;)


  3. Where did you go? I love Costco. We went to one on our five year too! :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! Happy 5 year anniversary!! xo.


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