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{farm lesson you don't care about #1: balin' hay}

Farm season is off to a busy start.

The first harvest of the year is alfalfa hay... and there will be four more cuttings this year too.

Now, I'm sure most of you have no idea what this process looks like, nor do you care. But I'm going to break it down for you anyway, farmer's wife style. You're welcome.

1. Cut the alfalfa.

2. Let the alfalfa dry in the field for about a week.

3. Rake the alfalfa into windrows and then check it to see if it is ready to bale.

4. When it's time, you head to the tractor. 

5. Have your awesome wife bring you a meal.

6. Then stick your little hiney in a tractor for hours on end and get busy. {This usually occurs in the middle of the night... my poor hard working farmer needs a nap.} 

7. Brody takes this hay business very serious. 

8. So does Gunner... or not. He runs around trying to find himself a gopher to play with.

9. Lastly, you get to admire the beautiful hay that you made.

Boom baby, done! And this cycle continues in another 28 days.  Hmm. Maybe this hay thing and I have more in common than I thought.


  1. I know exactly how this works... my other half is in the hay everyday doing something it seems lol.

  2. I know all about working in the hay field - my family has a farm down south! This post made me miss it down there!

  3. Nice breakdown on the haying! Might have made me a little 'homesick' looking at these pics :)

  4. cute pictures. new here and love your blog!! i grew up on a farm and now live in a little apartment 3 hours away while my hubby goes to school....so this makes me homesick!


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