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{little monkey party}

 My littlest niece recently turned one. 
She had a little monkey party... which suits her quite well.

There was loads of good food,
lots for the kids to do,
great company,
mild heat exhaustion,
and one super cute birthday girl!

Here are a select few, of the many, pictures that I took.

{monkey cake}


{monkey munchies}

{gift bags for the guests}

{Graci Girl}

{the happy birthday girl}


{jungle gym/obstacle course}

{Brody dominating the obstacle course}

{finish line!}

{cute cousins}

{par-tay people}

{I think they're having a good time}

{the birthday girl joined in on the fun}

{chocolate animal crackers are SO good}

{Uncle Ryan and miss Graci}

{enjoying her gifts}


{big sister helped a little too}

{this poor little monkey has seen better days}


{koi koi koi}

We went to a koi pond last weekend.

Here is a little bit of the bizz that went down there:

Working. {it}












Brody did a lot of whining at the koi pond. 

 The fish were pretty mesmerizing for about a hot second...
What's with koi? Don't they know that the baby needs entertained? 
Jump. Flip. Wave with your fin.
This momma's got some high expectations for these big goldfish.
At least their name is cool. 
I like to shout it out... like the Brits do... with oi. Koi koi koi! 
Don't judge.

Regardless of the whining, crying and lack of koi participation, we had a good time.
Throwing rocks into water never gets old.
Nor do mullets.

Have a terrific weekend lovelies! 
Summer is here :)


{ice ice baby}

Yesterday I did a little photo shoot with my favorite little man. 

He likes to dance. 

how to make a gif

And drive tractors.

And be real REAL cute.

He also likes to pick the stakes out of my garden...

And then throw them at the cat.

I sure love my little dancing, tractor driving, mischievous, cute boy.

{Pardon the phoverload... I just couldn't help myself}


{hey there tiger, thanks for not mauling my face off}

For our anniversary we went to the zoo. 
Romantic right? Maybe not, but we {aka Brody} had fun.

The VERY first thing that happened in the zoo, was this ice cream cone. They split it... kind of... while watching the monkeys. 

Brody's favorite toy animals are giraffes...

... I think he was a little surprised to see a real life giraffe walking around. :)

I am one lucky mamma.


For some reason he didn't love walking by himself. Maybe something about being eye level with HUGE wild animals?

Hey there tiger, thank you for not mauling my face off.

This animal didn't seem very threatening to him I guess. Little did he know she would have bit his finger off if he had a tasty little morsel in his hand! Vicious.

Poor poor llama. Some dental work is definitely in order.

Holy huge anteater! It's roomy was a wolf. Hmm.

Look mommy!

And there's always a little time for a little photo sesh:

After the zoo we went to Costco, and then out to dinner. 
Not the most fairy-tale 5th year anni date, but perfect nonetheless.

Oh how I love my boys! 

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