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{a little reminiscing}

We are leaving in two hours.
For a trip that we go on every year.
But, just decided last night we were going on for sure, because, well, I've been sick - again. Ugh.

Have you heard of Bloomsday? It is a 10k run/jog/walk that over 50,000 peeps participate in. And it is legit fun. Well... it's more fun when you are actually running it, and not crammed in the very back of the line-up with all of the walkers/strollers {you aren't allowed to run if you are pushing a stroller}. Seriously - you can hardly move. Last year, when I crossed the start line, I was creepin' along. Lame.

I was reminiscing back on all of the years we've gone. 

2003 was the first year that I went. Ryan and I were dating, and I wasn't signed up for the race, because, well, our dating life was pretty sporadic. 

{Hello arms, would you like to reappear on my body again? Thanks.}

Then, there was 2006. {Not sure what happened to 2004, and I was on a deserted island in 2005 - that's definitely material for another post.}

(I stole this pic from the Bloomsday website, hence the teeny tiny size. Not very blog friendly, sorry.}

These are the only pics I have of our 2007 trip. Don't ask... I swear we ran, and we WERE at Bloomsday.


Uh, the pics don't get any better for the following two years, so I'll spare you. 

However, last year the pics came back in full force. Brody's first year "running" Bloomsday. His little {big} three month old body mostly slept, while Ryan and I were beating people off of us left and right, just to get through to the finish. Can you tell I'm excited about it this year? 

And, because a lot of the pictures in this post were bad, no good, and unappealing, I thought I'd throw in these little gems of Brody the week after we got home from our Bloomsday trip.

I miss those little rolls. :)

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  1. It's so fun to look back!! Loving Your page!! New follow from Blog Hop!! Definitely showing you some love across the social networks :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


  2. i'll be obtaining arms like those in t minus never. :( but i'm sure going to try.


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