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{let me just throw some sand in my face}

We live very near some sand dunes. In fact, Wikipedia claims that they are the tallest single-structured sand dunes in North America at 470 ft. And we all know that Wikipedia is legit right? Right.

We hadn't taken Brody yet, even though it is mere minutes from our house. So, recently, we went. And it just so happened to be windy. Wind? Idaho? Yea... it's ALWAYS windy. Sand and wind aren't the best mixture, fyi. But we are cultivating a little mind here peeps, so it was necessary.

{He was SO intrigued by the sand between his toes when we first set him down.}

{Another walking stick... much like one of the pics in this post.}

{Gunner came along also... he put lots and lots of fresh tracks in the wavy sand.}

{Check out that mullet blowing in the wind!}


{It might only look like I am inches off of the ground, but it is all perspective. I was real REAL high :)}

{Getting sand in all sorts of crevices.}

{Let me just throw some sand in my face.}

{Baby prints.}

{Hi mommy. [Note the haze at the top of the dune... that's blowing sand.]}

{Hiking along.}

{Love, love, LOVE them.}

{Gunner barreled down the dune. And he was happy. The end.}


  1. what precious photos! some of these will definitely have to be framed, methinks.

  2. Woww!!! Great, great, GREAT pictures!


  3. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous pictures!! Sand in every crevice: so worth it, right? :)

  4. Cool pictures! I've never been to a sand dune. Hopefully some day!

  5. Beautiful pictures! How fun!! Makes me miss going to the dunes.

  6. These are fantastic! I wanna go!


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