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{first things first}

First things first. I'm still sick. Swear word.
I fell asleep last night at about ten listening to the hubby laughing while watching Ax Men. 
1. I have not once laughed at that show. 
2. It is a rarity for me to fall asleep before 11:30.
3. Who gets sick three times in 5 months? ME.

Regardless of the sickness, our trip this last weekend was still fun. 
The first night we stayed with my hubster's amazing aunt. And this is just a wee bit of what we did.

{rock climbing}





{and more sliding... look at the pure joy on his face, mixed with some pure static electric hair = a picture that makes this momma smile}


{my little curious monkey wanted to touch every piece of tree poking through the fence}

{the hubs thought it would be funny to spin in circles...}

{and then set my precious ever-so-dizzy babe down to walk...}

{apparently he enjoyed it, because he went back for more}

{putting rocks down water drainage vents is real REAL entertaining}


  1. haha, love the simple things that babies love! Thanks for sharing your pictures - hope you feel better soon!


  2. So sorry you're sick. No fun!

    I'm so jealous of those fleeces you are wearing....I would start sweating if I even thought of putting one on here! How you feel better soon!


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