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Guess who's making a blog comeback!? ME. And mister baby is in full agreement. How, you ask? He went to bed nice and early.

When my mom had an aneurysm burst in her brain three weeks ago, I took a bit of a blog break. {You can read a little background of what happened to her here.}

I am beyond happy to let you know that yesterday they moved her out of the severe ICU and into the transitional ICU. Yes, still the intensive care unit, BUT, she has made tremendous progress. I won't bore you with all of the statistics and medical knowledge that I have gained over the last 3 weeks, but I will tell you that when she went into the ICU she was referred to as by far the "sickest patient" they had. She was in a medically induced coma. She had an awesome team of doctors {yes a team} that figured out exactly the correct steps to take. And her nurses, well they were phenomenal. She had the worst type of aneurysm, in the worst spot, and the fact that she didn't die right when it burst, was a miracle within itself. She is not "better" by any stretch of the imagination, and has a LONG road to recovery, but she is recovering, and that is the important part. Thank you to everyone who's been keeping my mom, me and my family in your thoughts and prayers... don't stop now! :) If anyone would like to read her daily progress you can go the this site and check it out. 

SO, time to catch you up on what's been going down on and off the ol' farm.

~ The family took a little trip to San Francisco. In between spending time with my mom in the ICU, we would go outside where my amazing hubs was watching our little mister, and we'd all have a nice break.

{sitting with Pappy}

{swinging with Uncle Ian}

{all of that biz made him real REAL sleepy}

~ On our drive home we stopped at Lake Tahoe to take a break.

{I guess throwing snow at Mommy is pretty funny...}

{but throwing rocks into water is way more entertaining, and lasts way longer.}

~ Mister babe learned a few new tricks over the past couple weeks also. He learned how to...

{longboard... in irrigating boots}

{fix the sprinkler, aka "spray king"}


{destroy his daddy's tractor magazine}

{get the mail}

{hump the cat? what? kidding.}

{more driving}


[sit cross legged}

 ~ There have also been a few changes around the farm.

1. New baby kitties! Yay. They were born about two and half weeks ago. I don't know how many there are or what colors they are. I know nothing. Except they exist. The mommy cat had them in our stack of wood. I figure she knows what she is doing. And we all know what happened with our last bunch of kitties...if not you can read about it here.

Considering this beast still roams around, I think it's probably for their well being. Or maybe that black bird finally succeeded in scaring it away.

2. We got ourselves a new fence. Isn't is beautiful? 

My farmer is having some trouble getting that new grass seeding to grow on the far left. Strange since he's a farmer right? Well, I think he's over trying... he brings in all of the tractors to do it, and well, I don't know if grass seed is supposed to be roller harrowed and packed with a tractor. It's coming though. :)

3. The flowers are blooming, and it makes me happy.

4. Baling has officially started. Stay tuned, I'll post more on that soon. 


  1. baling. guh. but yay for bloggy comebacks!

  2. I am so happy to hear your mother is doing better. I have been thinking of you and waiting for an update. I hope she continues to heal.
    Your child is so adorable, what lovely pictures you have posted. I like the one of him on the longboard- very adventurous!


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