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We returned home from the Portland area yesterday, after celebrating my precious nephew Caleb's first birthday. We had a fabulous weekend. 

Saturday afternoon Ryan's sis had the grand idea to go and feed the ducks at this lovely park:

We thought the boys would love it. But as you can see... no ducks. Well, there were maybe 4, but they wanted nothing to do with us or our "Dave's Killer Bread." {FYI: Dave's Killer Bread sinks. It is far too healthy and delicious for ducks to partake of. Take note.}

With both the babes walking now, we took a little stroll around the pond/lake instead. 

{Brody is still working on his canines.}

{Walking stick.}

{Love my boys.}

{The cousins playing with dirt. They love each other.}

{Brody was about ready to try and rip my earring out. So sweet.}

{My sis in law, her hubby and the birthday boy.}

{Ryan's Aunt Cassie and her hubby with the babe.}

{Brody picking flowers.}

{Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.}

{My little cheese ball.}

{Cousin Caleb. Look at that curl!}

{Hey hubby.}

{Oh my. I am one lucky lady.}


{Bye bye.}

Everyone had a grand time. And the boys slept real REAL good afterwards.

I'll post some pics of Caleb's amazing vintage bicycle first birthday party tomorrow. Get excited and stay tuned. 


  1. Glad you had a fun trip! What adorable pictures.


  2. Aw, what a fun day! And isn't it great you have these photos to remember it by? :) Your little dude is going to be so thankful for these shots someday!

  3. Your pictures look great!
    Visiting from "embrace the camera".
    Très bien

  4. Looks like it was a fabulous day. Great pictures!


  5. What a sweet little boy you have!! Love the pictures. Following from May Follower Fest. I'd love to have you stop by my little corner


  6. Such a beautiful family. Great pictures! I have a blog hop on Tuesday called "The Gathering Spot" and would love you to share with my followers. Have a wondeful evening.Diane @ MamalDiane.com

  7. Hey there found you through the May follow link up. Your baby boy is so adorable. And ... I like ducks but I would NEVER give them the tasty, yummy, goodness that is Dave's killer bread. Happy to be your newest follower. Look forward to reading more here in the future.


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