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{may day}

Do you know what May Day is? 
Cause, my hubby didn't. When I started to explain it to him, he thought I was making it up. 
Here is a little info about the holiday, straight from the trusty ol' internet:

May Day, on May 1, is a traditional spring holiday in many cultures...Fading in popularity since the late 20th century is the giving of "May baskets," small baskets of sweets and/or flowers, usually left anonymously on neighbors' doorsteps.

I remember making paper May Day baskets in school when I was young. I loved it. I guess I can get down with anything arts and crafty though. 

This year while I was thinking about May Day, I thought I'd get a little more creative than the classic paper cone basket. Here is what I came up with... tin can May Day "baskets".

This is super duper easy, and I think they are pretty darn cute too.

{Peel off the paper of ANY tin can.}

{Using a drill put two holes, opposite each other, in the can. [You could probably use a nail and hammer if you don't have access to a drill?]}

{Decorate however you like...maybe with twine...}

{...or some bright colored ribbon.}

{Fill your can with some rocks for stabilization, water, and whatever flowers you like.}

{Deliver to your neighbor and make. their. day.}

Let's make this "fading" tradition come back to life. Put together some May Day baskets to give to your neighbors tomorrow. I'd love to hear/see what you do! :)

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{$50 to pottery barn}

Yea, that's right. You read the title correctly. FIFTY buckeroos to the PB. Pretty sweet huh?
My awesome and hilarious friend/neighbor is having a little.. uhh... BIG giveaway.

She and her farmer hubby recently moved into their brand spanking new house that they built together. It is fab-u-lous! Seriously. She's working on getting it stocked full of wonderful goodies from Pottery Barn, which just so happens to be her fav store.

She also recently reached 50 followers, meaning that it was time to do a giveaway to, of course, Pottery Barn. If you click hereit'll take you straight to the glorious page where that magic happens. Follow all of her instructions at the bottom of the post, and whaaa-la - start looking for what you're going to buy.

Awesome, right?

Y'all should really go and follower her, especially if she's giving away fifty dolla' for her FIRST giveaway... you never know what the future holds for you as one of her magnificent followers. You won't regret it. She truly is fabulous. AND I mean look at how ridiculously good looking her and her farmer are:

Okay peeps, get your buns over to her blog and win some monies. Word? Word.


{vintage bicycle party}

As promised, I have a major phoverload of my precious nephew's first birthday party. My sister in law did an incredible job planning this vintage bicycle theme party. Anything awesome that you see... she made it. I can pretty much guarantee it.


{He got a little help on his first bite...}

{and decided it was pretty amazing.}

 {His feet enjoyed the cake also.}

{Oh my, frosting facial hair is ca-ute!}

{Brody even scarfed down a cupcake.}

Happy First Birthday precious Caleb.

We love you!



We returned home from the Portland area yesterday, after celebrating my precious nephew Caleb's first birthday. We had a fabulous weekend. 

Saturday afternoon Ryan's sis had the grand idea to go and feed the ducks at this lovely park:

We thought the boys would love it. But as you can see... no ducks. Well, there were maybe 4, but they wanted nothing to do with us or our "Dave's Killer Bread." {FYI: Dave's Killer Bread sinks. It is far too healthy and delicious for ducks to partake of. Take note.}

With both the babes walking now, we took a little stroll around the pond/lake instead. 

{Brody is still working on his canines.}

{Walking stick.}

{Love my boys.}

{The cousins playing with dirt. They love each other.}

{Brody was about ready to try and rip my earring out. So sweet.}

{My sis in law, her hubby and the birthday boy.}

{Ryan's Aunt Cassie and her hubby with the babe.}

{Brody picking flowers.}

{Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.}

{My little cheese ball.}

{Cousin Caleb. Look at that curl!}

{Hey hubby.}

{Oh my. I am one lucky lady.}


{Bye bye.}

Everyone had a grand time. And the boys slept real REAL good afterwards.

I'll post some pics of Caleb's amazing vintage bicycle first birthday party tomorrow. Get excited and stay tuned. 

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