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{we are under attack}

No really we are. 

As I was in the kitchen preparing a casserole on Saturday morning, Mr. Babes was taking a nap, and my farmer hubby was sitting at the bar, eating some cereal, and chatting with me. Suddenly he jumps up, and yells, "the owl is after the chickens!" Yes these lovely ladies:

He ran outside, just as a huge HAWK {not to be confused with the killer owl we also have living here}was swooping down on the three chick-ers. Obviously the thing to do in such an instance is grab the camera and snap a shot of my farmer in his elk head jammie pants while he is heading out to protect our well beings from the crazy killer birds we have living here now:

After the super hero farmer saved all three chickens {Chic, Kendra and Lois} lives, we got to thinking that if these crazy ravenous killer birds were after our chickens, then maybe they tried to eat more of our cats {you can read more about that here}. Only two were accounted for, and we were missing one. Coco the kitten:

{doesn't she look real friendly!?}

We took a few laps around the ol' homestead to see if we saw her. And we didn't. So, I {the cold hearted wench apparently} told my farmer hubby that she was dead. The owl and hawk probably teamed up together to pick her up and have a little snacky snack. 

Now, just a little disclaimer... I didn't use to be this way. The first animal passing on the farm was bad. I mean real REAL bad. I was a blubbering mess. Moral: farm life is hard on animals peeps. 

Anywho.... Gunner was kinda concerned:

Or, not. He just sat like this and watched us, probably wondering what we were doing. Because, about half of an hour later, I peeked out the window and saw Coco the cat, sprawled out on the grass. Don't ask me where she was. Hopefully in her super secret hiding spot from these cutthroat birds. 

I'll let you know immediately if I am the one who starts getting attacked. Wish me luck.

On a completely separate note... my watch came in the mail today!

I LOVE it. Three cheers for Gilt. 

I hope that you all have a terrific week! Happy Monday!


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